Chicago to host American Rally for Personal Rights: Vax Choice

Announcing The American Rally for Personal Rights

Vaccination Choice * Parental Consent

We believe in the rights to life, liberty, and personal security for ourselves and our children.

We demand the universal human rights standard of informed consent for all medical interventions. Compulsory vaccination cannot be legally and morally justified.

We affirm

  • the sanctity of personal space,
  • the right to be left alone, and
  • the freedom to make personal health care decisions guided by the professionals of our choosing.

We invite all people, families and organizations committed to protecting these fundamental rights to stand with us in downtown Chicago on May 26, 2010 at our inaugural rally, and to work with us after the rally to support grassroots advocacy, education, and leadership in defense of our personal –
individual, legal, moral, religious, civil, and human– rights.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Grant Park
Downtown Chicago


Read our article, 2010: The Year of Advocacy, from the April issue of Autism File magazine and let us know what you think!

Make plans to join us in Chicago on May 26, 2010 and register to attend the rally. The Chicago Park District is asking us for firm numbers by April 9. If you know you’ll be there, please sign up now to help us with our planning. And check the site for some great hotel deals that are expiring soon.

Tell everyone you know about the rally. E-mail the flyer and article far and wide. Post on Facebook and Twitter.

Start organizing your bus to Chicago! Contact us and we’ll help you fill it! If you live in the Chicagoland area, or if you’ll be staying at the Westin O’Hare for the Autism One Conference, we’ll be chartering buses to take you to Grant Park.

Volunteer. We need your help, now and during the rally, too. [And if anyone has access to low-cost color copying, let us know.]

Invite like-minded groups to be added to our list of participating organizations! We aren’t planning to have corporate sponsors and formal exhibitors, but participating groups will be able to distribute informational materials. Contact us if you’re interested!

Suggest rally speakers. We can’t make promises but we’d love your ideas. We also want to know about musicians who might want to perform at the rally.


Rally gear… hats, tees, sweatshirts and bumper stickers! We’ll be accepting pre-orders this week and expect to start fulfilling orders by the end of the month.

Pledge button. We’ll also start asking you to pledge your financial support. When our 501c3 application is officially pending, we’ll be able to put up the donate button and ask you to fulfill your pledges. Chicago Park permitting and other fees and expenses will run in the many thousands of dollars so we’ll definitely need your help.

More details about the rally, including live streaming, virtual participation, speakers, and more.

An invitation to our post-rally celebration. After the rally, you can sit in traffic. Or you can take a load off, knock back a few, have something to eat, and relive the best moments of the rally with friends. We’ll be organizing buses and cabs home, so you won’t have to worry about driving.

Thank you for all you are doing to help to make this a truly extraordinary event.

Louise Kuo Habakus
Mary Holland
Bob Krakow
Mia Nitchun
Ginger Taylor…
and a growing list of volunteers and supporters

One response to “Chicago to host American Rally for Personal Rights: Vax Choice

  1. (Plug alert: collected the information youare not supposed to have)
    Your less conspiracy-minded readers may be interested in the facts surrounding vaccination. Please feel free to read the following:
    For a more accurate desription of the risks and benefits see

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