Top Ten Posts Week Ending April 1

Of original work, Megan ‘Verb’ Kargher’s Interview with David Icke and Richard Volaar’s Feedback Loop on global warming made it to the Top Ten.

Total Views
Che Guevara, until Victory Always Fidel Castro 99 1,269
Ten Swine Flu Lies Told by the Mainstrea Mike Adams 73 3,504
Obama Backs Public Subsidy of Biofuels despite Eco-Trash, Food Shortages GM Watch 74 74
Full-body scanners may damage human DNA Mike Adams 69 3,810
COTO Report British Edition: An Interview with David Icke Megan ‘Verb’ Kargher 69 69
Foot in the Door: Capitalism and Health Care Stephen Fleischman 63 1,546
John Pilger: Empire, Obama and America’s Last Taboo Transcribed by Rady 57 1,938
Dems want to end Health Insurance Co’s monopoly David Espo 55
Sen. John McCain Authors Bill to Detain Americans Indefinitely without Trial Allison Bricker 55
The Feedback Loop No One Thought of: The Katla Volcano Richard Volaar 54

2 responses to “Top Ten Posts Week Ending April 1

  1. Must have been a slow news week! Thanks for all you do, Ms. Rady….

    • ha! I published a piece that will go round the world again, but my work just does not get the attn here as it does other places.

      how weird is that?

      anyhoo… thanks for the article… tho I’m not convinced that GW has any impact on tectonics; I can see the reverse happening.

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