What’s a President to do?

By John Kusumi

At a discussion website today, the question in the air asked,
“If You Were The President, What Would You Do?”

Here’s my 12-point answer:

Reverse America’s three biggest scams:
(1.) abolish the Fed, use Treasury-issued sound money;
(2.) withdraw from the WTO, stop neo-liberal trade policies;
(3.) investigate (for prosecution) 9/11

(4.) insist on a balanced budget, perhaps thru cutting the military 50-66%
(5.) abolish Obamacare in favor of enlarged Medicaid
(6.) pursue emission free non-fossil fuels: solar, hydrogen, and fusion
(7.) flatten tax rates (after one large deduction, the same tax rate for all)

(8.) investigate (for prosecution) the Bush crime family;
(9.) investigate (for prosecution) the Clinton crime family;
(10.) investigate (for prosecution) the war crimes of the Obama administration;
(11.) implement needed reforms indicated upon the outcomes of the investigations already mentioned, likely to include CIA reform
(12.) pull the plug on our participation in the World Bank, IMF, and UN

Within those “top twelve” points, I did not explicitly say “get tough with Communist China,” but I did say “stop neo-liberal trade policies,” which would effectively accomplish getting tough on Communist China. If we return to the status quo ante, prior to the globalization of neo-liberal trade, (i.e. the old normal, around the time of Tiananmen Square) our trade deficit with China was $3 billion. Every cent north from there has been a reward for bad behavior on the part of the Chinese Communist Party. Their outsize trade surplus would be toast.

I could add:
(13.) Embrace the ICC (International Criminal Court)
(14.) Require voting machines with auditable paper trails
(15.) Support constitutional amendments for such things as congressional term limits, public financing of reelection campaigns, and “loser pays” in civil litigation
(16.) Repeal PATRIOT Act, Commodity Futures Modernization Act, etc. Reinstate principles of habeas corpus, posse comitatus, and Glass-Stegal.

In fact, I recently wrote a paragraph that seemed nostalgic for the Reagan years:

“In the 1980s, men were real men. Posse comitatus was in effect, and the Supreme Court had told us that the Constitution is not only a peace time document – it also applies in war time. We had the right to a writ of habeas corpus. Searches and seizures required a warrant, and warrants required probable cause. Torture was illegal, we weren’t going to assassinate world leaders, and the human rights abuse of Soviet Communism was denounced.”

With the exception of the Soviet Union, I want to bring the above back! Of course, the Reagan years had their excesses and downsides too. The Reagan administration:

– bombed 250,000 Salvadorean peasants into oblivion
– ran an illegal war against Nicaragua
– engineered the October Surprise
– housed the Iran-Contra scandals

So those points – and fiscal irresponsibility – are the parts of the 1980s that I do not want to bring back. 🙂 Something from the 2000 decade is a keeper: Web 2.0. I think what we need is a blended hybrid of the 1980s with an overlay of Web 2.0. Or just call it: a healthy America.


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