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Like probably everyone else who stops by here, I’ve spent the better part of the past two days and part of the nights and early mornings glued to #freekg and, peeling off temporarily to follow links that are posted to other news and analysis. The pictures, videos, and firsthand posts from witnesses and feverish […]

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Side elements of Upheaval
by michaelhancock

As others, I continue to refresh my news sources for Kyrgyz details.  While reading all I could find, I noticed that Sarah’s post was quite unique.  What struck me was how Registan can’t help but be the anti-FP blog.  To be more specific, the fact that FP has two stories that seem to see the […]

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Like many readers of Registan following the events in Kyrgyzstan, I have spent the last few hours watching a revolution online. I watched militsiya forces fire into a city street and protesters tip over a police car on YouTube; I saw a devastating photo collection of the violence and its victims on LiveJournal; and I […]

Rushing for Inaccuracy in Bishkek
by Alexander_Visotzky

The upheaval in Kyrgyzstan has seized the media’s attention, but it’s mostly just highlighted how little the major newspapers know about the region and how quick they are to put unsubstantiated facts up.
The NY Times immediately reported that Bakiev had fled the country, which is a bold statement considering Cliff Levy is probably reporting from […]

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