Progressive Soup hosts Charlie Grapski

By John Kusumi

Grapski co-founded the China Support Network, responding to the bloody tragedy and outrage of Tiananmen Square’s massacre of college students and innocent Beijingers in 1989. His credits as a scholar are listed in Segment 1 of this show. He has been prominent in Democracy For America, the group which seems an offshoot of the former Howard Dean presidential campaign. More recently, he ran for public office in the State of Florida, and wound up under house arrest as a political prisoner, because this is how corrupt the Florida authorities are. He is persecuted specifically by the political leadership of Alachua, Florida.

Segment 1:

Segment 2:

Segment 3:


One response to “Progressive Soup hosts Charlie Grapski

  1. I really like CG, John.

    When the politcal system came to be, it was already broken. The Mayflower conspiracy was a moneychanger scheme from the Sun Tzu’s ‘divide et impera’ and the separation of Democracy/Republic was intended in my view.

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