210,000 Gallons Per Day?! Right. We’re Idiots.

Jesus Is Coming...Look Busy!

60 seconds in a minute times 60 minutes in an hour equals 3600 seconds in a hour.  Got it, boyz n girlz?

Now, 3600 seconds per hour times 24 hours per day equals 86,400 seconds per day.

210,000 gallons per day equals 2.5 gallons per second.

That’s not a gusher.   That’s not even a problem for modern technology. 

I’ve been watching the offshore roughneck boards…I don’t know alot of the jargon, but I know enough to know when there’s not alot of consensus-building going on.  These fellows have not touched earth in quite some time.  Here’s a taste:

Re: Transocean fire
« Reply #1289 Today at 2:00am »

In response to the Bulgarian’s post that 42 pages of speculation has not identified what exactly went wrong,
The discussion has made me aware of many more things that I must consider in my work to be competent and safe which I was not aware of previously.
I believe that is the purpose of this site.

Pure genius, this guy. 

Okay.  A special interest site of drilling engineers can’t figure out in 1289 messages among experts what went wrong.  More telling, however, is the fact that none of these overpaid Limbaugh fans ever asked themselves what it is they ought to be doing to stop the goddamn oil from poisoning the entire Gulfo de Mexico. 

Does any bonobo with a slide rule and an abacus qualify to be a drilling engineer? 

Whiskey.  Tango. Foxtrot.

Only a consortium of absolute idiots would think they could get away with telling a bald-faced lie to a concerned world filled with people who actually REFUSE to watch Fox News just on general principles.

2.5 gallons a second is a virtual “volcano” of oil and natural gas erupting uncontrollably at MC252…and now we’re sending our kid-sister to have sex with your entire family!  But first, you have to identify Waldo in the following stenographic picture in 30 seconds…ready…set…go!

Pardon me.  I think I am going to be sick.

6 responses to “210,000 Gallons Per Day?! Right. We’re Idiots.

  1. this is beyond catastrophic.

    if this is as bad as some scientists are claiming, we’re going to lose thousands of species… and once the gush gets into the Gulf Stream, that oil field will travel up the eastern seaboard. see this image of the gulf stream: http://oceancurrents.rsmas.miami.edu/atlantic/spaghetti-speed/gulf-stream.jpg

  2. i’m glad i checked off this bucket list item: walk thru a tropical rainforest.

    even better, I also swung thru it and ziplined thru it.

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