Meet the Meatrix

The Meatrix

copyright © 2010 Betsy L. Angert.

As you gobble that fine food, be it steak, a frankfurter, roasted chicken, or an omelet, please, sit back relax. Put your feet up and stay a while. I will furnish the entertainment in the form of a film. Meatrix is fun, fascinating, and far from folly. This presentation is playful; the message profound.

You may recall the fairy tales you loved as a child. The plots varied, although all had elements of mystery. Adventures were abundant. Tots were often so engrossed in the tales, they barely noticed that the themes taught a life lesson. Meatrix is as the fables you once anxiously awaited and even asked others to read aloud to you.

The main characters move you through the story. Moopheus leads Leo through the world of rolling hills, the family farm, and into . . . Well, I do not wish to tell you the ending. Please travel with the pair as they stroll along. Follow them into the meadows and fields. Allow yourself to suspend disbelief, or embrace mistrust. Just as Leo, you and I, and the person who shares a meal with you, have a choice. We can take the blue pill or the red one. Fantasy or reality; either may be hard to swallow. Nonetheless, let us indulge. The travel could be delicious . . . or dreadful. Are you ready to explore? If so, let us go. Let us meet Meatrix. He will show you the way. The decision to travel is yours.

If you choose, to meet The Meatrix and Learn About the Issues, you may want to Take Action. What can you do? If you wish to, Spread the word. At least, consider what you eat, where it came from, and what sacrifices were made for your breakfast, lunch, snack(s), or dinner. Perchance, the “Happy Meal” is not such a bargain or worth the price we pay.

One response to “Meet the Meatrix

  1. For whatever reason the YouTube nay the original would not show in the essay. I offer, or hope to, present the video.

    The Meatrix

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