Humans vs. neo-humans?

By John Kusumi

The Punk Patriot has released this think piece video. Is it the sound of somebody going over the edge? COTO2 had an earlier post from him as he defended the Dennis Kucinich sellout on health care.

Now on this video, his YouTube description says, “I think scary thoughts so you don’t have to.”

Watch the tape, or read the transcript:

Our society today has largely been shaped by the selfish individualism of Ayn Rand in ways that we won’t even understand for centuries to come. So much so that people born in current generations don’t even know any different from it. People born in the post-Reagan era think that this is just the status quo.

Individuals are having to change their social behavior in order to better cope with the environment that Ayn Rand’s philosophies have created.

Empathy, something born from the communal life style of our ancestrian social mammals, is becoming maladaptive.

To become a member of the most successful elite in our society, one needs to behave in ways that are anti-social, misanthropic, disingenuous, and cold-hearted.

Average people might call such behavior immoral or they might call such a person a selfish asshole. But this type of behavior is actually beneficial to the individual, given the confines and structures of our autistic economics.

The very things that we think that make us human — love, empathy, concern for others — now, in the world that we live in, are maladaptive.

The neo-human; the human evolving to best suit this crazy new breed of hypercapitalism, has no genetic needs to socialize, to love, to be loved, to care or be cared for. What this neo-human needs to survive they can purchase with money. Emotional currency is useless and worthless to him.

With no desire to be loved, and no empathy for others, this autonomous being feels no emptiness and does not feel lonely. He can kill without a second thought.

Contemporary psychology will call this person, a sociopath. But, contemporary psychology is still mired in the mammalian standards of what is normal.

Soon as hypercapitalism reaches a crescendo, and our social norms are slowly redefined by this dramatic shift, it will turn out that we were crazy for thinking that our systems of morality had value.

[On screen: “Or Will It?”]


2 responses to “Humans vs. neo-humans?

  1. Interesting; he makes a good point.

    While I suffer economic discrimination for my philanthropic work on the web, I often think “When did being a social justice activist become a bad thing?”

    As a teenager, when I first started doing this work, I got nothing but kudos from adults.

    Now they condemn me for it — and 20- and 30-somethings mock us for it.

    In a world run by psychopaths, it ii the sane who are deemed evil.

  2. I am a neo-human now fully awakened via genetic stage and I am here to say this. We, are the next step in the ladder of human evolution. After 2012, we will be deemed worthy by god as there are a handful of men and women who are chosen by the holy lord to be part of the next step of the evolution process. the next step to be recognized as proper sentient beings compared to inferior, normal humans who are considered abandoned by our saviour. We will be the remaining race to be left standing on earth. And we… we will purge the planet of normal human impurities and create a world filled of sentient beings like us neo-humans and many other sentients beings.


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