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G-20 Nations: Race to the Bottom will Continue

A critical analysis of the G-20’s Toronto Declaration

By Dawn Paley
Vancouver Media Co-op

As the G-20 summit winds down behind the fences surrounding fortress Toronto, there are at least 560 folks in jail, and anyone left out on the streets is facing detentions, beatings, searches and arrests.

This is the context in which the Group of 20 gathered to write the Toronto Summit Declaration, a 27 page document released earlier this evening. An early critical reading of this text makes it evident that those who have taken great risk to mobilize against the G20 have done so on behalf of the health of communities, and the planet.

Because though the Toronto Declaration begins with a populist appeal to sustainability, job creation and financial regulation, it enshrines a commitment to force the poor and working class around the world to tighten their belts yet again as states implement strict new austerity programmes.

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Court Vacates Siegelman Charges, As Kagan and DOJ Team Lose

By Andrew Kreig
Huffington Post, June 29

“As a start in redressing the nation’s most notorious political prosecution, the Supreme Court today released its decision vacating federal corruption convictions of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman and co-defendant businessman Richard Scrushy

“The court remanded their Alabama convictions to the Eleventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Atlanta despite arguments last November by Solicitor General Elena Kagan that their convictions should stand.” More

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John Pilger: There Is a War on Journalism

Decmocracy Now! Interview With John Pilger:

John Pilger, award-winning investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker. He began his career in journalism nearly half a century ago and has written close to a dozen books and made over fifty documentaries. He lives in London but is in the United States working on a forthcoming documentary about what he calls “the war on the media.” It’s called The War You Don’t See.


AMY GOODMAN: It’s been a week since Rolling Stone published its article on General Stanley McChrystal that eventually led to him being fired by President Obama. In a piece called “The Runaway General,” McChrystal and his top aides openly criticized the President and mocked several top officials. Joe Biden is nicknamed “Bite me.” National Security Adviser General James Jones is described as a “clown.” Ambassador Richard Holbrooke is called a “wounded animal.”

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Adapt and Survive: A Final Warning by James Lovelock

The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A Final Warning

James Lovelock Allen Lane, UK, 2009, ISBN 9781846141850

By Stephan Harding

June 29, 2010 “Resurgence” — It is often said that it takes great ideas in science some forty years to gain widespread acceptance. Sadly for us all, James Lovelock’s concept of a self-regulating Earth has fitted this mould with a frustrating and yet thoroughly predictable punctuality: had acceptance come sooner we would by now have been much further advanced in our understanding of the dangers of climate change.

It was in 1965, whilst thinking of a workable life-detection experiment for a NASA mission to Mars, that Lovelock received a “flash of enlightenment” which would lead him to overturn a notion widely held by scientists at the time: that living beings are merely passive passengers on an Earth governed mostly by geological, chemical and physical processes. Not so, said Lovelock – life’s tightly coupled feedbacks with the abiotic domains of atmosphere, rocks and water configure the Earth into a dynamic, evolving planet that has actively maintained its surface in a state suitable for life over thousands of millions of years despite the vagaries of plate tectonics and an ever-brightening sun.

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Kindra Arnesen: Gulf Emergency Summit 19 June 2010

By Gulf Emergency Summit

Kindra Arnesen warns citizens that industry and government are not cleaning the spill in this excerpt from the Gulf Emergency Summit held on June 19, 2010:

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By John Kusumi

This maybe should’ve been a Gum Wall post, but I don’t think GW takes pictures. Above is a NALCO / Corexit label that I found at the web site of Erin Brockovich. Continue reading

Spy vs…Lawyer?

By Nick Baumann and Daniel Schulman
Mother Jones

The CIA probably doesn’t want you to know this, but unmasking its covert operatives isn’t as hard as you’d think. Just ask John Sifton. During a six-year stint at Human Rights Watch, the attorney and investigator was hot on the trail of the CIA and some of its most sensitive Bush-era counterterrorism programs, including extraordinary rendition, secret Eastern European detention sites, and the legally dubious and brutal methods used to extract information from detainees. “Even deep-cover CIA officers are real people, with mortgages and credit reports,” Sifton once told CQ Politics. For researchers with a trained eye for the hallmarks of a CIA alias, there are obvious giveaways: “A brand new Social Security number, a single P.O. box in Reston, Virginia. You disregard those and focus on the real persons who lie behind, and you can find them.”

Sifton’s talent for uncovering the CIA’s secrets may have served him well—but now, it also has set off a firestorm in the human rights community, prompted a backlash from congressional Republicans, and helped trigger a federal investigation headed by none other than Patrick Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor in the Valerie Plame affair.

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Supreme Court extends rights of gun owners

By David G. Savage
Los Angeles Times

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that cities and states must abide by the 2nd Amendment, strengthening the rights of gun owners and opening courthouse doors nationwide for gun rights advocates to argue that restrictions on firearms are unconstitutional.

In a 5-4 decision, the justices said the right to have a handgun for self-defense is “fundamental from an American perspective [and] applies equally to the federal government and the states.”

The high court overturned 19th century rulings that said the 2nd Amendment restricted only federal gun laws, not local or state measures. The decision will almost certainly void ordinances in Chicago and Oak Park, Ill., that forbid residents to have handguns at home. The justices ruled in favor of the Chicago residents who wish to have guns and sent the case back to Chicago for a lower court to issue a final ruling.

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The Global Political Awakening and the New World Order

The Technological Revolution and the Future of Freedom, Part 1

By Andrew Gavin Marshall
Global Research

There is a new and unique development in human history that is taking place around the world; it is unprecedented in reach and volume, and it is also the greatest threat to all global power structures: the ‘global political awakening.’ The term was coined by Zbigniew Brzezinski, and refers to the fact that, as Brzezinski wrote:

“For the first time in history almost all of humanity is politically activated, politically conscious and politically interactive. Global activism is generating a surge in the quest for cultural respect and economic opportunity in a world scarred by memories of colonial or imperial domination.” [1]

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500 arrested at G20; Black Bloc may be psyops

Black Bloc starts riot at G20. Do real anarchists all wear the same shoes. Do they wear uniforms?


By Rady Ananda 

The Law Union of Ontario Movement Defence Committee [MDC] has issued an Appeal for broad political support for the G20 arrestees, estimated at nearly 500. Not arrested were members of the supposed anarchist group, Black Bloc, which is suspected of being a police psyops group ordered to start the G20 riot yesterday. Among the protestors, two professional journalists were also reportedly beaten and one arrested. 

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Arrests, tear gas, beatings of peaceful demonstrators at detention centre

Jesse Rosenfeld of The Guardian shows his media credentials to police right before he is arrested and beaten. Photo: Activestills

Three reports from Toronto Media Co-op

* Firsthand report of arrests, tear gas, beatings of peaceful demonstrators at detention centre
* Guardian journalist assaulted, arrested
* Toronto Police at Door of the Alternative Media Centre

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The Preamble; Fix it or Nix It?

copyright © 2010 Betsy L. Angert.

At present, oil saturates the Gulf Stream. An official six-month cessation of permits for new drilling did not actually affect the industry or government decisions. Despite Moratorium, Drilling Projects Move Ahead. To explain such an authorization and waiver, the Department of the Interior and the Minerals Management Services Division which regulates drilling, pointed to public statements by Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar. He did not intend to forbid all first cuts in the Earth’s crust. Absolutely not. The Federal Government approved wells off the coast of Louisiana in June. Regardless of the day, or realities that are anathema to our citizenry, little has truly changed. Today, just as in yesteryear, we, the people of the United States of America, in order to form a more perfect Union, polish policies to appear as though our civilization would wish to protect and defend all beings, equally. Continue reading

40 miles of Florida beaches seeping with oil; Tropical Storm Alex to hit GOM today

Kevin Reed, 36, of Pensacola breaks down and weeps upon seeing the oil-defiled shores of Pensacola Beach on June 23, 2010. Reed's father taught him to swim in these waters, and Reed just taught his five year old son to swim here. "This will never be the same," he says. "I'd like to take the CEO of BP and jam his face in that pile on the beach."

By Various Sources

See large images at


A Florida beach was closed to visitors for the first time because of the Gulf oil spill Thursday as workers tried to remove pools of black sludge from Pensacola Beach’s once-white sands.

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G20 capitalism is attacked in the streets of Toronto

By Robyn Maynard & Jaggi Singh
No One Is Illegal-Montreal

The intersection of King and Bay is the financial capital of Canada. Within blocks of these infamous cross-streets, amidst iconic skyscrapers, are the headquarters of the banks, corporations, public relations companies and law firms that help drive global capitalism. King and Bay in Toronto is the heart of Canadian colonial capitalism, which projects its misery all over the world, through mining, forestry and other resource extraction companies.

While the G20 leaders planned to meet behind a steel cage and an unprecedented 1-billion dollar security operation, a contingent of thousands-strong protesters gathered to defy Stephen Harper’s Fortress Toronto.

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Explosive Evidence at WTC Cited by Former CDI Employee

By Darcy Wearing and Richard Gage, AIA
Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Having had the privilege of speaking with Tom Sullivan, an actual explosive-charge placement technician, we have some new insights to pass along as to how controlled demolition works, where it started, and the effect that 9/11 had on the demolition industry. Sullivan gained his experience as an employee of the leading firm in this field, Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI).  Sullivan stresses though “I do not in anyway represent CDI and what I have to say is based on my own experience and training,”

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‘I can’t even describe it in words’: Toronto G20 Protests by the Minute

Illegal search and arrest. PHOTO by Nadim

By Gwalgen Geordie Dent
Toronto Media Co-op
June 26-27

Queen’s Park

June 26

1:30 pm
I’m late.  Throngs of protesters moving south on Queen.  There’s thousands of people here.  Uncomfirmed reports that people were detained from Queen’s Park before the march even began. 

2:00 pm
A damn fool is risking death by yoga at University and Queen.  We just passed by the heavily fortified US consulate at University and Armoury.  There are hundreds of groups here including many of the big names: Canadian Labour Congress, Amnesty, a couple COmmunist Parties, the UFCW, Greenpeace, CUPE and a host of other smaller groups.  It’s amazing, there’s well above 10,000 people here.  The largest previous G8 protest in North America was 3,000 people.

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Toronto was sacked

By Justin
Justin and Lex @ G20

For three hours on June 26 the heart of Toronto’s financial district was in the hands of 2,000 protesters. Store fronts and police cars were destroyed as crowds of activists laid waste to Bay Street and Yonge Street. The police response was poorly organized and did little to protect property or unsuspecting civilians (not to mention the activists themselves).

The protest, which began in a heavy rain at 1:00 p.m. in front of Queen’s Park, Ontario’s legislature, was attended by 10,000 people including labour unions, anti-capitalists, feminists and a multitude of other groups. Event organizers had forwarded a plan to the police which projected the protest’s route from University Avenue, down to Queen Street West and back up Spadina Avenue to College Street and Queen’s Park.

The plan lasted only until the turn onto Queen Street, where a group of protesters wearing black bandanas attempted to rush the police barricade at Duncan Street. Composed of members of the “Black Bloc,” the bandana clad protesters set out to reach the G20 security fence—built around the G20 venue: the Metro Convention Centre. Continue reading

Riot police turn back largest G20 protest yet

Police keep an eye on approximately 1,000 protesters making their way along College Street from Allan Gardens in Toronto, Friday, June 25, 2010.

By CTV Toronto
Fri. Jun. 25 2010 8:31 PM ET

Positive video coverage at CTV.

Police temporarily shut the gates to the G20 security perimeter early Friday evening, as they attempted to head off the largest in a string of demonstrations to protest the international meeting. Anti-poverty demonstrators had attempted to march south towards the security zone where the G20 summit will take place. But they were turned back when police with shields blockaded University Avenue. Instead the protesters backtracked, marching east towards the park where the demonstration originated, trailed by police in full riot gear.

“I’m not a hell-raiser but I want my voice to be heard,” one woman told CP24, adding that she decided to join the demonstration in response to the large number of police on the city’s streets. “I thought I lived in a democracy and I don’t think I do any more.”

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Police arrest over 100 peaceful protesters

Protesters trapped in front of Novatel by police. Photo: Activestills

By Dru Oja Jay
Toronto Media Co-Op

Interview with Ben Powless

Mohawk activist Ben Powless describes the scene at the Novatel Hotel at 1 am on Saturday night. » Download file ‘powless-interview.mp3’ (4MB)

An estimated 150 peaceful protesters have been arrested (they were given no option to leave).

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Toronto Police Attack Peaceful Protesters and Journalists at G20 Protests

By Brandon Jourdan
Toronto Media Co-op

June 26, 2010, Toronto, Ontario– After a large march and rally against the meeting of the G20, police attacked a crowd of peaceful protesters in Queens Park.  The following clip shows police attacking and arresting protesters:

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