Can’t wait for CorpoGov? Remove oil safely without toxic dispersants



By Rady Ananda

Hay, hair, fur, feathers and microbes can do what Obama and BP won’t. Here are some suggestions people are making:

How to make a hair boom

Or, donate hair to boom makers: All salons, groomers, wool and alpaca fleece farmers, and individuals, can sign up to donate hair, fur, fleece, feathers, nylons, and funding to

Use hay

Two farmers demonstrate how oil sticks to hay:

Jeff Rense shows how hay was used successfully in Santa Barbara in 1969:

Note, oil is highly toxic, and is now mixed with highly toxic dispersants. Because clean up crews have become ill, cleaners are wise to take a four-hour or 24-hour HAZMAT class. The cost for the 4-hr class is usually $100. Or, the 24-hour HAZWOPER training costs around $575. Save your receipts for all related costs in case you can recover them from BP.



Here’s a product originally developed by NASA that uses nanotechnology and is pretty expensive: Aerogel. It’s reported to be nontoxic, so maybe it deserves consideration.

COTO Report is not endorsing any business or technology involved in the clean up, but is merely passing on potentially useful information for educational purposes.

They have a saying in New Orleans: “If we wait, we die.”

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