Michio Kaku: Hurricanes to dump oil all over the South, Nuke option bad idea

By Oil Florida

Theoretical physicist, bestselling author and Science Channel host,  Dr. Michio Kaku, discusses the ramifications of using a nuclear device to stop the oil flow. He says radioactive oil and tar balls could be “raining down on hair” and “rooftops”.

The nuclear option is not a good idea because the underground hollow sphere that is left would become “glassified” and collapse into a gigantic hole. This hole will not be sealed because the walls are unstable. 2000 psi exerted on the glassified walls would cause the wall support to cave in, creating more places for the oil to rush out.

Also, “Hurricanes will grab water several hundred feet below the surface and loft it up into the sky.”

A hurricane strike in the Gulf of Mexico would dump an oil and water mixture all over the South, potentially reaching hundreds of miles inland, said Kaku.

However, he does not believe this mixture will ignite from lightning.

Kaku also discussed the possibility of the oil leak lasting most of our lifetimes.

4 responses to “Michio Kaku: Hurricanes to dump oil all over the South, Nuke option bad idea

  1. Well, this certainly makes me fell a lot better … (sigh).

    It is going to be sad to see what’s is going to take place here.

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  3. From Technofascism Blog:

    “Lately, I’ve heard many talking heads in the news media suggesting that the only way to stop the BP oil leak might be to detonate a nuclear bomb under the leak site.

    “Before they consider that option, they might want to watch this video of Dr. Gregory Ryskin, Professor of Chemical Engineering at Northwestern University. In the video, Dr. Ryskin explains how a prehistoric methane gas explosion could explain the Permian-Triassic Extinction Event, a mysterious period in Earth history where 95% of all species went extinct.

    “Given that the amount of methane gas that is leaking from the BP spill site is at least equal to the amount of oil, it would lead one to believe that there is a huge underground pocket of methane gas buried there. Now, if Dr. Ryskin’s theory is correct, not only would detonating a nuclear bomb near that underground methane pocket end the oil spill, it might end all life on Earth as well.”

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