The End of the World As We Know It

By John Kusumi

I’ve recently discovered the videos of Warren E. Pollock. Thus far, I like what I see. Pollack is a former VP of a Wall Street technology firm. That does not mean a trading firm. That means he’s looked at Wall Street from the I.T. / information systems angle, as well as business angle. (As a software developer myself, I appreciate those who have similar eyeballs.)

Now he believes (and says so) that racketeering has become the largest sector of the U.S. economy, and he anticipates “systems collapse and failure.” More on that below.

In the above video he is speculating about the end of the economy (and ominously, he thinks it may be days away…); in the video below he talks about The Racketeering Sector of the economy.

I’ve thought about doing my own series of presentations, or of making DVDs like Alex Jones or Max Egan. But, it’s a huge undertaking to do so, and I almost wonder, “why bother?” It takes an optimist to do what Mr. Pollock is doing here, because he is talking solutions.

Talking solutions, amid the cesspool of corruption that is modern day America.

It takes an optimist. (Are COTO people optimists?)

2 responses to “The End of the World As We Know It

  1. Here’s the pyramid from the video:

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