Why does Ken Salazar still have a job?

That one is easy to answer. Because President Obama hasn’t fired him and Salazar refuses to resign in shame. (Image)

The real question is what is so wrong with President Obama that he keeps Ken Salazar on as Secretary of the Interior?

Salazar should have given Obama a strong heads up about the major risks of offshore drilling before any policy change was made. He should have done a thorough review of the Department of the Interior with some serious attention to the problem agency key to exploration and drilling permits. The department’s Minerals Management Service (MMS) has a long rap sheet as a problem agency. Salazar knew this.

So why is this guy still around?

3 responses to “Why does Ken Salazar still have a job?

  1. Most federal agencies and institutions have deteriorated for at least 30 years, plus BushCo actively dismantled many and forced some of the best workers to retire or move on.

    While I agree that new managers should immediately assess the conditions they have walked into and propose remedies, it has been obvious from the first Obama appointees that he has chosen Clintonistas and others who “go along to get along.” It was up to Obama to define the sorry condition of government and focus on its repair. He didn’t do it, and I doubt he would support any manager who tried to thwart this complacency.

    Both political parties are unable/unwilling to be effective at governance or otherwise confront the Corporate-first People-second mindset that has captured government.

    And we must also ask ourselves if America actually produces the kind of leadership we need? From what I see, all levels of academia, business, industry and public policy encourage the lackadaisical and kill the messenger. Meanwhile,they have worked to dumb-down the people in order to better disguise their own inadequacies.

    Americans have little to offer but arrogance any more. The urge to reform and repair is good but once we chose empire over justice, history moved on.

    • I agree that the choice of empire is a fatal one. But “Americans” didn’t choose that. The back door move has always worked – Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, etc. That’s the deliberate lying of the legislature and executive.

      In the case of Salazar, my question was really ironic. Were he sacked, it would be a PR stunt and we’d have another do nothing industry-friendly lackey for the corporate power structure.

      We’re headed for chaos and creating it on the way.

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