BP Sitting on GIS Data in Houston

MODIS Satellite from SkyTruth, 6/7/2010


By Richard Volaar

British Petroleum, specifically BP’s senior IT leadership in Houston, has been engaged in an active campaign to keep Geographical Information System (GIS) data from the national incident and local emergency response command structures of the United States of America.  This information comes from a link provided to the Oil Drum thread that many have been utilizing to obtain expert opinion and analysis of what is taking place within our territorial waters.

What this means is a that a single multinational corporation has taken key emergency response information away from a sovereign governmental agency in its time of greatest need, ostensibly to protect itself from lawsuits or public outrage.  In short, BP is engaging in damage control and placing American resources at risk.

We can dilly-dally with the Queen and the British PM regarding the misbehavior of one its major corporations, one with considerable links to both the CIA and MI-6, but this is a misapplication of both political and diplomatic tools in a situation that requires an immediate and unequivocal response.

The letter posted at the ChatterBox ends with this rather pedestrian suggestion to the President of the United States:

“We urge The President, via Incident Command, to determine a NIMS compliant, secure, data sharing policy, based on GIS industry best practices for all GIS data of the BP oil spill. We believe a high priority should be placed on sharing this information to all responders and researchers, for our welfare, rather than leaving it to one party to control access for its own welfare. [emphasis mine] We must not allow BP to slow down the collection or organization or distribution of these data – they have demonstrated in other areas during this incident, that they are often slow or inaccurate when providing scientific data, quantitative methods, and projection figures.”

I believe that POTUS has an obligation to lock down the entire city of Houston, Texas, in preparation for the complete nationalization of all oil assets and technical personnel.

Further, there has been considerable Mossad activity inside the city of Houston in recent years.   A retaliatory murder of AFIO member, former intelligence officer and Homeland Security contractor Tony Carnaby.  The murder, eventually blamed on the Houston Police Department, was in retaliation for Carnaby’s divulgence to his contacts in Lebanon that the Israeli’s were launching a surprise attack on Hezbollah designed to trigger a war with Iran in the Spring of 2008.  Stolen SUV’s provided by a Houston car theft ring were used in the murder of American military personnel in January, 2007, in Karbala, Iraq.  This car theft ring was later found to have made considerable contributions to both the gubernatorial and presidential campaigns of George W. Bush.  Then there is the possible foreknowledge of both Goldman Sachs and CEO Tony Hayward that BP’s stock would take a considerable “hit” in share price.  Hayward could not have been able to execute his stock transactions a month prior to the incident in the Gulf without providing disclosures to Wall Street three months prior.  Goldman Sachs’ infamous “put” options, on the other hand, were made during the week of the BP spill, making them very suspicious and worthy of further investigation.  All this information taken in conjuction with the Obama Administration’s strained relations with the present Israeli government make Mossad involvement in this horrendous spill highly likely.

At the very least, POTUS needs to seize control of the city of Houston and secure all the expertise and assets needed to insure that the people of the Gulf have what they need to survive this devastating blow to their most precious resources. 

Either Obama turns this situation into a net win for the American people, or he will find his retirement fraught with all manner of unforeseen hazards.

This is a hardball, Barry — old school — this isn’t the patty-cake Harvard Law Review schmuckery of your well-spoken past.  Load for bear.  And lions.

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