The world as crack house


By Michael Collins

Crack house: “A place “where people make, deal and smoke crack cocaine. This could be a house, an apartment, or a shack to name a few…” Urban Dictionary

The G-20 and big oil treat the earth as though it were a crack house. They set up shop, trash the premises, without regard to the surroundings — all for the purpose of creating and selling a substance that people simply can’t do without.

In fact, these oligarchs are far worse than crack dealers. Users can get off of crack. They can do the hard work of getting clean and do just fine. The oligarch crack daddies made sure that once we were hooked on oil, there was no way out. We either get well every day or we’ll collapse as a society. You’d think there would be a law against it?   (Images 1 & 2)

3 responses to “The world as crack house

  1. Referring to the various Ponzi schemes and oil drilling:

    Mathematically, the results over sufficient periods of time are certain. While it is true that “nobody can tell you in advance which trial of a probability game will result in the bad outcome”, what everyone who analyzes such a mathematical system can tell you is that the ultimate outcome is not one of chance, but certainty – the only element of uncertainty is WHEN the bad outcome will be realized, not if it will.

    We as Americans (and indeed as citizens of the world) must demand that the purveyors of schemes that contain these sorts of “will fail, without question of outcome, only time” elements be held to full account personally for their willful and intentional malfeasance.

    Karl Denninger, June 12

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