Toxic oil waste being dumped in non hazardous landfill in Florida


Oil Related Waste Continues to Arrive at Spring Hill Landfill, CBS Channel 2 WCTV Tallahassee, June 22, 2010:

The Spring Hill Landfill is… receiving the oil-related waste.

“We’ve already been receiving some waste from other areas anyways, we’re prepared for anything that may come,” says District Manager Jeff Massey.

Management says the oil waste is not greatly affecting the day-to-day operations and are stressing the material is not a hazard.

“This is a non-hazardous waste site and it’s being brought here for the impeccable track record for what this landfill has, we have double liner systems and all kinds of safeguards in place that just makes sense that spring hill would be the landfill.”

When crews remove the oil from beaches, they first take them to one of several staging areas like Panama City, Pensacola and Fort Walton Beach.

From there, the loads are required to leave the staging areas within 24 hours to delivery to Spring Hill.

“The loads come in and we deposit them with our regular waste, they come out and the tar balls are all bagged in sand so they come lined to the landfill in the container and they’re also double-bagged, the sand and the tar balls.”

While the landfill is only handling 15-to-20 loads of the material a day, Massey believes that amount will fluctuate throughout the crisis.

Waste Management officials are considering extending the Spring Hill Landfill’s operating hours as necessary to accommodate the extra oil waste.

Watch 2-minute news video at Oil Florida.

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