Where is the Oil Spill? Detailed topo maps BP didn’t provide

Largest environmental disaster in U.S., and possibly world history

By Washington’s Blog
Best image views at Global Research

It’s the largest environmental disaster in U.S. – and possibly world history. But do you know exactly where it is? Could you point to a map and show where the oil rig sank? Do you know what the topography of the surrounding area is?

Some oil industry professionals are worried that a landslide at the spill site could make the oil spill much worse by carrying away the blowout preventer, riser and all other equipment. While I have no idea how likely it is that a landslide could occur before the well is capped, it is true that:

(1) The spill site is located in a steep canyon, as discussed above;
(2) There are hundreds of feet of loose mud and muck on top of the sea floor in this area; and
(3) Many deepwater, oil-rich areas within the Gulf are tectonically active.

Read full article and view the extra large images over at Global Research, which allows for a very wide article column. http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=19813

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