By John Kusumi

This video is about three topics:
1.) BP / Gulf of Mexico;
2.) Government / Supreme Court; and,
3.) HFT (high frequency trading) on Wall Street.

The upshot or takeaway on these three topics, summarized colloquially, is that we’re fucked, we’re fucked, and we’re fucked, respectively. If you are a COTO person, you already knew that. If not, then I am sorry to break the bad news to you.


2 responses to “GOM, SCOTUS, HFT

  1. Gee, Johnny, I don’t believe I’ve seen you this hopeless before.

    The good news is they aren’t trying to kiss us while they’re fucking us.

    It will make it easier to disembowel them when we’re looking for protein to supplement our diet.

  2. “Stone Age Living” good one John.

    Sadly, the people of “America” time and time again, continue to re-elect their fav-or-ite representative, most of who are in bed with “Big Earl” a rapacious, no good son-bitch, who could care less about the people and the sea and wildlife all along the Gulf Coast of this country. Earl and Co. only care only about its resources and extracting them any which way possible, even if it means destroying parts of this beautiful planet, Earth. I F’n hate them and everything they stand for. It didn’t have to be this way, no!

    If you haven’t already done so, read this without it bringing tear to your eye


    Sadly, there was NO! Oversight. BP was handed the keys to the Gulf. They and all of rest of these oil cartels, these cretins are raping and pillaging this once pristine body of water and “We the People” have no say in what happens. That’s power! It is corrupting (killing) absolutely.

    God help all of these people and the sea and wildlife along the Gulf Coast.

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