By John Kusumi

This maybe should’ve been a Gum Wall post, but I don’t think GW takes pictures. Above is a NALCO / Corexit label that I found at the web site of Erin Brockovich. If we are quite observant, we appear to have two NALCO telephone numbers here: (800) 424-8308 seems like their 24 hour emergency number. And (281) 263-7000 looks like its the normal number for NALCO.

On another matter, there is now a Facebook group which anticipates the movement of refugees, or more exactly people who volitionally choose to “bug out” from the Gulf Coast region.


It has a thread titled, List of locations / persons offering shelter.

It has 58 posts, and it looks like people everywhere (New Brunswick, Canada; Hawaii; California) are willing to take in Gulf Coast refugees.

For safety, the FB group is recommending a background check. Here are sample posts:

Kathy Sherbert Varner> I live in South Carolina. I do have an extra bedroom for 2-3 people who need a place to stay . There are no jobs here but if you just need somewhere to go to escape then please email me right here on FB. I cannot take animals b/c I already have 2 inside.

Michael Streiff> I have a 4 bedroom house with just myself and my daughter and we have been looking for a roommate. contact me for details on here. I would require a background check though, and prefer a female or female with kids because I have a little girl and honestly don’t trust a lot of men because of my own and my daughter’s past.

–While some people are just offering a couch to flop on, others are turning the board into real estate listings. For example, the post below is about 2 apartments, each $425:

Jeri Tonti> the two apartments in bryan texas are empty right now…i know my land lord would work to get you in quickly too


3 responses to “Observations

  1. Sounds like a good start. I’d be afraid to post anything on FB, given its ties to the CIA.

    Yep, we all know we need to get the hell outa here but we need jobs wherever we land.

    Taking in refuges is a good and decent thing to do… but you know the saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to fish and you feed him for life.”

    we need jobs

  2. lol, well of course I’m on record, but that’s not the gnarly part of FB. The gnarly part is they track all your connections. it’s one thing for the fascist psychopaths to know what i think; it’s a whole nuther matter that they know everyone I talk to and am connected to.

    know what I mean vern?

    beyond that… job hunting is such a DRAG – been doing it for months now; and to look outa state is real tough.

  3. freakin hysterical, John: “Know yourself. If you need help, call the FBI.”

    hadn’t heard that before. LOLOLOLOL

    I’m on the east coast of FL – Ft. Lauderdale; we don’t have any atmospheric or oceanic affects yet.

    I do think we will; but I figure we have a couple months.

    UNLESS a hurricane develops in the gulf and then heads east

    Ireland? Germany? hmmm… was hoping to escape Western Civ with its ecocidal, genocidal profits-before-all-else mentality.

    gawd, I would hate to move to cooler climes… but I do think it’s time to jump continents.

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