Smack-Down Man

One response to “Smack-Down Man

  1. boomerangcomesback

    Ahhhh…I feel better now that Smack-Down Man is on the Beat.

    Mmmm…Now the People have a Hero they can emulate.

    When “voting” becomes an exercise in wanking off, without the happy ending; when sending letters and calling your representatives is as worthless as they are; when the U.S. administration does the opposite of the will of the majority as a matter of policy — this calls for a Smack Down!

    What will Smack Down Man use next as his equalizer? A horse whip, a bull shit whip, a pair of one of our Congress member’s dirty underwear?! Ewwwwyechh! But since the dirty underwear fits — they should wear it upside their face!

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