CNN, Obama and extrajudicial killing of American citizens


By John Kusumi

I’m building out my reputation as a CNN critic.

In 2006, it first became known that the Chinese government harvests bodily organs taken from executed members of a spiritual group which it persecutes in mainland China. That evil practice compares only to medical experiments that were carried out on unwilling prisoners held by Nazi Germany in World War II.

In 2008, more evidence came out to confirm that this evil practice is happening. That’s when I wrote and published my article, ‘CNN Caught In Genocidal Correctness.’ I pointed out that CNN has been sitting on the story since 2006.

Readers could come away with the notion that CNN is anti-Falun Gong, and little better than a branch office of the Chinese Communist Party. Or, they could note my explicit assessment. I said, “Yes in fact, they have been bent, craven, depraved, self-serving, shortsighted, and genocidally correct. And that’s only in the United States. In China, it’s been deadly.”

In the time since then, I also wrote and published ‘CNN Commits Sacrilege.’ Google that for more information. To truly assess CNN, you’ve gotta watch these people for what they’re NOT telling you.

Another article of mine was titled, ‘CNN Falls Victim To CNN.’ There I said, “[T]he CNN crew are no better than hired actors, giving a television portrayal of ostensibly responsible, yet proscribed and contrived, newscasts.” Letting them have it, I continued, “They are certainly a disgrace….They are a school of fish — jellyfish. What CNN needs is a vertebrate.” I also mentioned that the corpse of Walter Cronkite could do a better newscast.

My headline today was initially, “CNN: Easy Pickings.” Some of the older people at CNN continue to be off balance — adjusting poorly to the “Web 2.0” era. To explain, I’ll digress.

My writing has been posted to the web quite often in the past decade. Mine is a good record of (a) accuracy, and (b) avoiding “flame wars” of retorts, rebuttals, and criticism. Most responses to me have been meek. But, when I misinterpreted legislation from Senator Chuck Grassley, that got me a call from Grassley’s office. Clearly, at that office they care about their online reputation. At CNN, just as clearly, they couldn’t care less about their online reputation — there have been no calls from CNN people to defend the indefensible.

That about confirms what I said: They are jellyfish. Or am I simply special, immune, untouchable, and made of teflon?

I could say they’re a pitiful waste of protoplasm. I don’t expect to be called on that.

I could say that, in addition to being bent, craven, and depraved, that they’re also sick, twisted [expletive deleted], and sociopathic evil [expletive deleted]. I don’t expect a call on that.

I don’t expect a call on those points because I do expect CNN to soon fulfill all of our worst nightmares as follows.

My article today pertains to the ACLU and Dennis Kucinich calling out Barack Obama for following in the footsteps of George W. Bush. The issue is extrajudicial killings of American citizens. It is completely eye-popping that the U.S. executive branch, under Barack Obama, now claims the authority to assassinate U.S. citizens proceeding entirely from their own say-so.

I will say that as far as I’m concerned, government is supposed to prevent bad things, not perpetrate bad things. Barack Obama has become a perpetrator of bad things.

And CNN? —is likely to remain a trusty wing man, subservient to the powerful, and indeed CNN is basically a hub cap on the war machine. CNN won’t call Obama out on his unconstitutional shredding of American rights, and therefore CNN won’t call me on my criticism because in that light, they become an accessory to Obama and those who perpetrate bad things.

There is an entire category of SCADs — State Crimes Against Democracy — and CNN specializes in turning a blind eye to crimes of this category. Translated into the vernacular, that means they really are sick, twisted [expletive deleted] and sociopathic evil [expletive deleted]. I need not apologize for “crossing a line” in this article, because let’s consider what line is being crossed by Obama and his apologists:

The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution says that “no person shall…be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” The President thinks that he can take a life, while leaving behind due process of law. In some fairness to CNN, we can note that on this basis, Obama himself is a sick twisted [expletive deleted], and sociopathic evil [expletive deleted]. (He’s also a war criminal who belongs in the Hague, but I digress.)

Below this blog post, I will insert a video that appropriately captures the situation at hand. It is fair to say that something has gone horribly wrong, as America has been sliding into its “unitary executive / postal executive” configuration. At one end of an interval, the Magna Carta established the rule of law. At the other end of an interval, George W. Bush blew off the rule of law. Western civilization had a good run in between the bookends of that interval. But now, we are in post-civilized (or perhaps post-Western?) civilization. At least the U.S. executive branch seems eager to get over the Magna Carta (which also included the right of Habeas Corpus).

George W. Bush and Barack Obama have both been perpetrators of SCADs, State Crimes Against Democracy. CNN has been giving carte blanche / kid glove treatment to both. Presidents go unitary, and that’s fine with CNN. Presidents go postal, and that’s fine with CNN. (And in 1989, some postal old men in China shot up Tiananmen Square. CNN doesn’t talk about that any more.)

America was not always this way. At the end of World War II, America wrote the new Constitution for Japan. In there (Article 76), America said: “No extraordinary tribunal shall be established, nor shall any organ or agency of the Executive be given final judicial power.” What this means is that due to American sensibilities, Japan’s executive branch cannot get away with secret military tribunals, nor can it get away with being the judge, jury, and executioner — usurping “final judicial power.”

My little observation there — that a Constitution promulgated by America prohibits a unitary, postal executive — is my evidence that (a) America was not always this way, and that (b) grown ups used to run the United States of America.

I’ve said before that what CNN needs is a vertebrate. And, what the U.S. White House needs is a grown up in charge. What we now seem to have instead is beneath dignifying. It can only disgust.

2 responses to “CNN, Obama and extrajudicial killing of American citizens

  1. good newscast; nice job from alternative media. motivates me, in fact, to do my own little broadcast …

    have to think of a good show name; and get some 20-somethings to deliver the message.

    pretty funny… gets the message across quickly.

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