9 responses to “DARPA funds new viral vaccine production facility in NC

  1. “The facility will produce 10 million vaccine doses a month, using tobacco plants.”

    What’s this about? Usually vaccines are made from eggs, and newer ones from cell cultures.

    BTW- new format is very readable!

    • yeah, the other theme was just too dark; not good given how dark our news can be.

      so, they’re using plants now cuz they can culture vaccines much more quickly. more scarey, to me, is they’re using viral particles… gawd help us.

  2. like the new look:-) so? any links to the tobacco method?
    and would this be GM tobacco at a guess?

  3. I did my own looking:-)

    so now they can vaccinate the troops and release their anthrax. how cute!

  4. And gawd knows what this might do to us smokers!!

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  7. I am not a fan of regular vaccines in general and would rather cure myself with natural means whenever possible, but these VLP’s from Tobacco plants (Virus Like Particles) are not killed or live virus like normal egg based vaccines. They are non-infectious, need lesser dose to create an immune response and look safer and cleaner in my investigations – now if they could just get rid of the adjuvant Mercury that they still seem to need to jump start the immune response, we’d all be far better off. Check it out here: http://medicago.com/English/Manufacturing/how-does-it-work/default.aspx

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