U.S. Offers Aid to Rescue Pakistanis and Reclaim Image

By Eric Schmitt
New York Times

As the Obama administration continues to add to the aid package for flood-stricken Pakistan — already the largest humanitarian response from any single country — officials acknowledge that they are seeking to use the efforts to burnish the United States’ dismal image there. (Image)

According to a survey conducted last month by the Pew Global Attitudes Project, 68 percent of Pakistanis have an unfavorable view of the United States. American officials hope that images of Navy and Marine Corps helicopters ferrying supplies and plucking people from rain-swollen rivers will at least begin to counteract the bad will generated by American drone strikes against militants in Pakistan. Many Pakistanis blame the strikes for a devastating series of insurgent attacks in Pakistan.

“If we do the right thing, it will be good not only for the people whose lives we save but for the U.S. image in Pakistan,” Richard C. Holbrooke, the administration’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, said Thursday on the PBS program “The Charlie Rose Show.”

“The people of Pakistan will see that when the crisis hits,” Mr. Holbrooke continued, “it’s not the Chinese. It’s not the Iranians. It’s not other countries. It’s not the E.U. It’s the U.S. that always leads.”

Posted by Michael Collins

10 responses to “U.S. Offers Aid to Rescue Pakistanis and Reclaim Image

  1. boomerangcomesback

    How telling and disingenuous of the American policy makers. They’ll “do the right thing” (i.e. helping people in need), when it serves their selfish interest to “burnish their image”. These are NOT Americans! These are scoundrel pieces of crap policy makers making strategic decisions based on “convenience” and “getting something”. Perverted thinking and motives. That they are elected representatives of the American People is contemptuous and treasonous to the Great American Spirit that resides in individuals who actually give a damn about other people unconditionally.

  2. jeez what a load of propaganda. The US drove the Taliban, and thus the fighting, into Pakistan. The US has been using unmanned drones to bomb the shit out of people in Pakistan.

    And, it is suspected the US illegally used EnMod to cause the torrential rains that have flooded A THIRD of Pakistan.

    what a bunch of crap.

  3. Images from space confirm the extent of the spill, as thermo-graphic images suggest a significant lessening in the volume of flow – but on the ground there can be no doubt as to the volume of fecal matter spewing out of the mouth of Richard C. Holbrooke.

    Initial attempts to shove corks or Ukrainian style potato dumplings have failed to stem the amount of waste product coming from the main spout of this state sponsored fountain of mendacity – however, computer generated projections suggest a drastic “reverse top kill” approach has been formulated – involving a 6 inch wide titanium coated pipe filled with apple cider vinegar and mango chutney- this method will act as an enema forcing the putrid lies and shit-covered promises back down the hole and out the other end – thereby at least containing the crap within a localized area of Washington where the profusion of waste material will go unnoticed among the other toilet outflow known commonly as the Congress.

  4. boomerangcomesback

    ZaZa rams the unedible Hot Dog back up the lower intestine of the foul-mouthed Beast! Excellent Jab with a Twist!

  5. Tis the nature of evil people to not know they are evil. For Holbrooke to make a statement like that demonstrates a complete lack of conscience. Hence, he outs himself without knowing that he’s just outed himself. Clearly an individual devoid of humanity.

    • We need to remember that about the reviled. Someone asked Jimmy Carter how he could stand to be in the room with a monster like Slobodan Milosevic. Carter said, ‘Well, actually, he doesn’t’ see himself as a monster.’ Milosevic and Holbrooke must have been very comfortable together;)

  6. Well, there’s a COTO2 because one former contributor used a nasty no-no word.
    Shows we’re up against something much more evil and powerful than that, eh? Sexism, racism, Zionism and xenophobia… all bad. Not much, though, when you’re dealing with “death from above.”

    “Image” loses its importance somehow…

  7. Thanks, Rogue – we have some seriously fine writers here. Tho this is an MSM repost, Michael Collins has some excellent pieces posted here.

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