New U.S. Gov’t Study Shows NO Damage from Vaccines, Court Cases and Foreign Countries Prove Otherwise

By Activist Post

The U.S. corporate-government seems desperate to tamp down the discussion about the link between vaccines and neurological disorders such as autism. The corporate-government, with seemingly impeccable timing, released a study reported on by Reuters basically saying “nothing to see here, move along and keep taking your inoculations”: 

A new government study adds to the evidence that thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative until recently found in many vaccines, does not increase children’s risk of autism.

It shows kids who had been exposed as babies to high levels of the preservative — through vaccines they received or their mothers received while pregnant — were no more likely to develop autism, including two distinct subtypes of the condition.

“This study should reassure parents about following the recommended immunization schedule,” said Dr. Frank Destefano, director of the Immunization Safety Office at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, and the study’s senior author.

However, two recent court cases have reviewed enough independent data to award financial damages to the victims of neurological disorders “resulting” from vaccines.  These will be the first financial damages in such cases against the vaccine industry.  However, in both cases Big Pharma as part of the settlement refused to admit guilt that the vaccines had “caused” the neurological disorder, but rather “resulted” in it based on other medical preconditions.

First, the case of the Poling family which was reported this week:

On the heels of a federal appeals court ruling that denied an association between autism and vaccines, the family of nine-year-old Hannah Poling will receive more than $1.5 million to provide for her care for the rest of her life, to compensate for lost earnings, and for pain and suffering for the first year. Hannah developed autism after receiving vaccinations for nine diseases during one visit to her doctor….

According to a Time magazine article from 2008, “There are no scientific studies documenting that childhood vaccinations cause mitochondrial diseases or worsen mitochondrial disease symptoms,” as stated by the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. Yet this court decision acknowledges Hannah’s injuries and that the vaccines aggravated an unknown mitochondrial disorder that did not “cause” her autism, but “resulted” in it.

The second case reported on by the Daily Mail is of the Fletcher family in the U.K.  The family won an 18-year battle against the drug companies and Department of Health:

In a six-page judgment, they said: ‘Robert was a more or less fit boy who, within the period usually considered relevant to immunisation, developed a severe convulsion… and he then went on to be epileptic and severely retarded.

‘The seizure occurred ten days after the vaccination. In our view, this cannot be put down to coincidence. 

‘It is this temporal association that provides the link. It is this that has shown on the balance of probabilities that the vaccination triggered the epilepsy. 

‘On this basis, we find that Robert is severely disabled as a result of vaccination and this is why we allowed the appeal.’

The ruling will reignite the debate over the safety of common childhood vaccines, although it makes clear that Robert’s case does not involve autism.

Despite the official claims that vaccines do not cause autism, several countries are banning or limiting children’s exposure to vaccines because of other neurological disorders.  Recently countries like India, Australia, and even citizens in China are beginning to reject inoculations due to health concerns and even deaths related to the shots.

With these kinds of payouts, there seems to be strong motivation on the part of the drug companies and their regulatory cronies to deflect any link to autism.  Luckily for them, they don’t need to fear lawsuits from one group of Americans, the Amish, who refuse to vaccinate their children and strangely report NO cases of autism. However, having to pay financial damages to 1 out of 100 ‘mainstream’ American families who do vaccinate would likely bankrupt them — and the corporate-government can’t allow that to happen.

7 responses to “New U.S. Gov’t Study Shows NO Damage from Vaccines, Court Cases and Foreign Countries Prove Otherwise


    then this will fair throw a spanner in that?

    then theres all the aussie kids that got crook, the one? at least? that died,
    now you tell me that a pregnant woman whi is advised even ONE glass of wine can cause harm…is to willingly? accept thimerosal or aluminium hydroxide, a viral particle or twenty? and an UNknown, UNtested adjuvant into her system…ALL the trieal disallow any pregnancies in their subjects.
    All trials participants must be fit no health ussues at all, yet? they then give them to the immunocompromised and pregnant and aging.
    yeah thats…Fkd!

  2. scuse the typos, sore hands and…my nails need a trim:-)

  3. yeah, there’s a world of hurt they be puttin on us with these GMO vaccines

    i was just writing a friend that right now i am so freaked about vaccines cuz we have a 22 month old. He was saying words clearly then started his shots, now he barely speaks at all. My friend reminded me tho that there are many factors that can impact child development… this does not have to be cuz of the vaccines.

  4. syl·lo·gism   [sil-uh-jiz-uhm] –noun
    Logic . an argument the conclusion of which is supported by two premises, of which one (major premise) contains the term (major term) that is the predicate of the conclusion, and the other (minor premise) contains the term (minor term) that is the subject of the conclusion; common to both premises is a term (middle term) that is excluded from the conclusion. A typical form is “All A is C; all B is A; therefore all B is C.”
    deductive reasoning.
    an extremely subtle, sophisticated, or deceptive argument.

  5. Didn’t mean to be cryptic with the boring dictionary definition – but I originally included a graphic embedding code that should have accompanied the above. I will now attempt to rectify and bend this cursed matter to my will.

  6. THose of us in the world of canine health and behaviour have been waging war for many years that too many vaccines, and vaccines given routinely to dogs and cats are causing all sorts of health problems, from epilepsy to aggression, even death. Some of us have already extrapolated that same issue to humans. I myself have had what I believe to be a reaction to a re-vaccination protocol that was wrongly ok’d by my physician when I returned to college in the latter ’90’s. The labels on all vaccines read” do not administer to (animals/people) with compromised immune function.” Since when does a human infant have a fully functional immune system at 12 weeks? 22months? In addition, my neice has complete body alopecia which happened right after her second or third round of infant vaccines. That will affect her the rest of her life.

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