Economists Challenge Deficit Reduction

Michael Collins

Three hundred economists released a letter to President Obama today with one message: focus on jobs, not on the deficit. new deal 2.0

Don’t kill jobs and growth in the name of deficit reduction. Statement and 300 endorsers.

4 responses to “Economists Challenge Deficit Reduction

  1. And where might that be, your grace?

  2. “Sell on the news.” Ever hear that one.

    We have a great opportunity in just what you describe. The American Society of Civil Engineers did an infrastructure report card some time ago. It tallied $2 Trillion in repairs needed across the board. That’s a huge opportunity to improve the economy and the lives of people. The ability to get that done is not in question. It’s the will and, I’m afraid, right now, there is none.

    The major drawback is that around 20% of the export economy is based on weapons.

    We’re not doing what we should and we’re doing what we should not (sound familiar).

    The Empire crumbles, it looks like the end, but there are options and random events that can change things. One never knows.

  3. That’s a very clear exposition of the Declaration, our most important and dangerous document. I’d modify your insertion of “the Federal government” for “Great Britain” with the following:

    Minor premise: The financial elite ruling through federal, state, and local governments seeks to reduce the American people to a state of poverty and absolute despotism.

    Putting the emphasis on those who control government.

  4. That’s a very good start! Separation in the imagination and cognitive work space. No more pollution.

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