Can you dig it?

Michael Collins
Now what could this mean? TV crew stopped from taking samples from polluted Florida beach. Pat Gonzales, US Fish and Wildlife (to WEAR ABC 3 reporter taking a sample from polluted beach): “You can not come out here and do your own investigation if you’re looking for oil product.” WEAR ABC 3

Is the government protecting the sovereign state of BP? Is a pattern emerging?

It seems so. In addition to chasing off WEAR-ABC off the beach, federal officials discouraged scientists from taking samples in the Gulf, other federal officials confiscated samples gathered by scientists at LSU, and state officials refused to test fish for pollution claiming they’d seen no oil in the area in question. Who benefits?

4 responses to “Can you dig it?

  1. We need to get this somehow into the mainstream…is the reporter for WEAR_ABC going to blow the whistle????

    • Isn’t that a great question. ABC gets the story and it goes nowhere. The other incidents are covered by local media. To me, it’s enough for a major set of questions. I guess just getting the stories around may force things. Or sending the information to ABC Network might help. But, good grief, you think they’d know a story when they saw one;) (Maybe they did and this is the response)

  2. well, Michael, maybe you can bring attention to this. I posted this story a few days ago – and it was tweeted from Florida Oil Spill Law across the netiverse…

    but still MSM keeps quiet.

    This is like Chernobyl – where the government and news kept the public underinformed to uninformed.

    We be the sitting ducks here – and those fuckers keep telling us the seafood is fine.

  3. yeah, there’s a war on, alright… and it ain’t just rhetorical

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