Ahmadinejad Not Alone in Speaking 911 Truth

Letter to the Editor

COTO Report:

Further to your Friday report, “Ahmadinejad Spoke Truth to Power,” a media uproar was created Thursday when Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the United Nations that the events of 9/11 were orchestrated by elements within the United States government.

What was not reported was that on September 9th a dual press conference held on the city hall steps in Los Angeles and New York reported scientific evidence of a high-tech military explosive throughout the World Trade Center dust.

At both events prominent scientists, military officers, and actors made evidential statements that were reported in a press release carried by Reuters, Forbes, Lexis-Nexis, and DigitalJournal.  (“New Scientific Evidence Undermines Afghanistan War,” http://www.reuters.com/article/idUS204116+09-Sep-2010+PRN20100909). 

The peer-reviewed 9-author explosives study was not picked up by any major newspapers, though it spread rapidly to over 170 websites.

It would appear that the American public is not allowed to know such things through its media, though polls consistently show that 42% of US citizens are skeptical about the official account of 9/11.

This uncanny disconnect between the public mind and the public media stirs chilling intimations of invisible top-down mind control.

It creates a fractured dream in which the allowed reality denies the actuality of public opinion.

The universal failure of the media to report the new 9/11 evidence can only result from a “deep politics” imposition of a news blackout that will, while allowing life on the surface to seem normal and sustainable, place democracy in critical danger and make the inevitable reckoning worse. 

Elizabeth Woodworth
Victoria, BC, Canada

3 responses to “Ahmadinejad Not Alone in Speaking 911 Truth

  1. It’s kind of freaking me out that the Left is going after 911 Truth so hard right now. I always saw myself as Left – and Progressive … but the leaders in both camps do not speak for me anymore. I mean, when Jon Stewart pulled that stunt…

    We are seriously being cordoned off from mainstream society. It makes me think a real boot is going to come down…

    Thank goodness you scholars and PhDs are keeping this issue alive…

    I applaud your bravery, Elizabeth. The least we can do in the grassroots is amplify your message.

    ~ Rady

  2. Rady, I don’t watch Jon Stewart anymore. What stunt did he pull?

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