What it Will Take to Restore America: Identify the Enemy

by Jacques Ex Deos Libertas
Activist Post

Never in the history of our nation have we faced so great a danger to our liberties, to our way of life, to our Republic. We now face a fifth column, an enemy so evil and so desperate, that no lie, no form of trickery, no deception is too great for them; to them the ends justify the means. Many conservatives have labeled these enemies of the Republic as communists. Although one of their own did invent the concept of communism, they are not communists. Many conservatives have labeled these traitors to America as socialists; this too is a fallacy, and though these people utilize socialism as a weapon as they have with communism, they are not really socialists either. Socialism was invented by them, promoted by them, and tweaked to its current form by them; but it too is only a means to an end.

There is no doubt that the enemy I am referring to is totalitarian in the extreme. They are the quintessential enemies of the Republic, of the Constitution, of liberty and freedom as defined in the Constitution of these United States of America. In fact, these people are the enemies of all of mankind. Their aim is to destroy liberty, to destroy freedom, to destroy this Republic and the principles of its Bill of Rights and the Constitution that guards our liberty and freedoms. These people are the most tyrannical, the most evil humans that have ever set foot on this planet to date.

Who then am I referring too? What is their political identity? What are their goals and their ambitions? I am referring to the GLOBALISTS, a breed of human animal so vicious, so evil, so tyrannical they make Adolf Hitler look like a school boy.

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6 responses to “What it Will Take to Restore America: Identify the Enemy

  1. Although his rhetoric is overwrought and extermist, the author is right when he says “Who then are these villains? They are the Global Elite, the stockholders of the largest international banks in the world, and the largest corporations in the world. ”

    Unfortunately he offers no practical counter measure to the tyrannical ambitions of these villains, only “If we are to restore America to a place of individual rights, civil liberties, and the freedom to pursue our happiness, the identities of the criminal cabal must continue to be revealed.” That’s like saying we should publish the names of mass murderers so we can restore safety to the streets. Identifying the criminals and revealing their crimes won’t stop them. We have plenty of proof of corporate fraud, murder, tyranny and oppression and nothing whatever comes of it because they control the media and law enforcement.

    What we need to do is wrest control of the government from these criminals and then make the government so strong and so accountable to the people that they will never be able to corrupt it again.

  2. I’m not such an optimist. I doubt very seriously if the people can wrest control of the government from the corporatist/globalist criminals. Certainly the electoral process is not the answer. Particularly after the Citizens United ruling, it is clear that the entire process is owned by the forces of tyranny and is merely an elaborate charade to make us think we have some voice left in government. When it comes to essentials – corporate corruption and control of government, personal liberty, or war and peace – both parties agree.

    Certainly armed rebellion is not the answer. While Americans may own more guns per capita than their counterparts in other nations, they would be no match for the police and army forces well trained by the phony wars on drugs and terror and the apparatus of the surveillance state. That route would just get a lot of people killed and change nothing.

    If those who understand and oppose the criminal cartel in charge of our government were to unite, I would recommend we simply do nothing. We don’t travel except for essential purposes. We buy nothing. We don’t go to work unless in a hospital or emergency services. We bring the nation to a screeching halt. Now there are 2 problems obvious with this approach: 1) there is no practical way the citizens of this nation are going to unite to take an action that interferes with their personal pleasure, and 2) once we got the attention of those in government, we would have to agree on a list of demands.

    Do you have any good ideas?

  3. If we are just going to roll with the punches, what’s the point of getting all angry about the criminal globalists? Let’s just keep dancing, let’s break out the booze and have a ball, if that’s all.

  4. What does it mean to “restore” America? Which America? What point in our nation’s history is the ideal to which we wish to restore it? It seems to me you are talking about some kind of ideal America which may never really have existed. I don’t want to return to the America of the 1790’s where only white men of property could vote and 20% of the population was enslaved.

    Rather than talk about restoring something that may never have existed, perhaps we should ask ourselves what is really important to us. What are the attributes of a society or government today that will make our lives and the lives of our children better, safer, healthier and more secure? If we are able to throw off the yoke of globalist tyranny, how can we structure our government to prevent future generations of globalists from restoring the America they have created? The Constitution obviously didn’t provide sufficient protection against the tyranny of global corporations or we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  5. Yes we the people are going to Hell in a handbasket, even the ones of us who are smart enough to want to throw off the yoke of globalist tyranny are paralyzed by the inaction of those who don’t even know what a yoke is.

  6. Interesting, I’m 63 years old too so we have two cranky codgers talking about the Constitution. Your article there is quite interesting and you are right that democracy “has come to mean a variety of things depending on the credo of the user”. Your description of it’s use as a propaganda tool is spot on. I don’t subscribe to the full-out majority rule concept. I follow the notion of representative democracy in which the governing power, the legitimacy of the government, derives from the consent of the people governed. That concept at least achieved prominent lip service from the revered Founders of our nation.

    We are far from that ideal today. The governed are offered a choice between two evils, both hand-picked by the ruling globalist class, and once the election is over the winners (whether they actually got the most votes or not) represent those who paid for their seat, not those who voted for them. No amount of popular protest will have an effect on these “representatives” – they are as impervious to the will, needs and desires of the people as George III was to that of the colonists.

    IMHO, the are two egregious violations of the Constitution by those in power over the last 60 years. The first has been in the area of basic personal freedoms – the first 9 amendments. The gradual incursion by government into the areas prohibited by those amendments coupled with the government’s collusion in the loss of our free press has contributed greatly to our current predicament. The second is, as you aptly point out, in the area of Executive Power, specifically the power to wage war. The Congress abdicated its Constitutional responsibility to debate and declare war at the beginning of the phony Cold War ginned up to keep the “defense” contractors on the government gravy train in time of peace. The more the “national security” state grew in power, the more the Constitution was ignored. Now we have arrived at the point where the globalists in the corporations and banks and their pawns in government can thumb their nose at the people and say “Fuck ’em if they can’t take a yoke.”

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