Lies on Unemployment – The jobs are there

Robert Oak at Economic Populist has rebutted the notion that hiring is stalled due to a “skills shortage.” The latest news from the masters of disaster is that there are 5 million jobs in the United States open because of a skills shortage. Not so! as Oak skill fully demonstrates as he demolishes that claim empirically.
See: Blame Employers for the Jobs Crisis – Economic Populist

There is no skills shortage, there never was a skill shortage. There is a shortage of good employers who do not discriminate, age discriminate, ship jobs to India, China, Brazil and treat their workers like cannon fodder. There also is a shortage of jobs, pure and simple. Put U.S. workers first. Demand these employers quit their inane, harsh, wage repressing, discriminatory labor practices. Put a few of of these traitorous employers in jail and sue ’em. Deal with trade and offshore outsourcing, invest in America and Americans. Then and only then will we might actually get somewhere to putting people back to work. Robert Oak

2 responses to “Lies on Unemployment – The jobs are there

  1. We’re on the way to global equalization. Half the world makes less than $2 a day. The 500 million who make a whole lot more see themselves as different from the $2 a day crowd. They shouldn’t. They’re getting just a fraction of the net new income over the past few years. In addition, the economies of the industrialized nations are based on the hypothesized wealth of those who control 70% of the recognized wealth. This includes stocks and bonds that have been meaningless for several years at least. (This is why our econometric data is largely useless, since it measures the holdings of just 1% of the population, for the most part.)

    The hypothesized valuations that the super rich see as their wealth and the economies that support these myths and pay their employees less and less will evaporate at some point. Real estate values will also collapse.

    At that point, guess what?

    We’ll be no different than the people who make $2 a day; other than the fact that they know how to survive and we don’t.

    This astute article by Robert Oak shows that the desire to save a few dollars outstrips patriotism and common sense. The CEO’s would rather save a shilling or two by going overseas than hire now. They’d also rather see a prolonged recession than hire in the U.S. even though that hiring might boost sales and relieve the recession. There’s no dealing with people like this. They’re not smart enough, as LBJ said of another president, to walk and chew gum at the same time.

  2. Once again the importance of learning to be self-sufficient is highlighted. Some parts of America have always been third world and many more parts will follow in the ensuing years. Theres no better time to learn to grow your own food and get off the western way of life. Because if the dollar becomes so devalued were not able to live on money we’ll need to farm. And thats the advantage people in third world countries have over us. They’ll survive global financial meltdown.

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