Ideas on the Path Towards Revolutionary Regression: Issue 2; Authoritarianism Has Never Been A Left-Right Issue

I have always been a self-righteous, egocentric teller of tall tales, mostly to myself. A curious factoid crossed my path the other day as I was engaging in the tall-tale-telling that Texans like to engage in when they’re certain no one from out of state is listening in. While I prefer engaging those on the political left in my free time, I am basically surrounded by right-wingnuts most of my waking hours. Setting aside the perturbing thought of how I have managed to survive in this environment for any length time, I noticed that I seem to get along fairly well with these wingnuts provided I refuse to engage them in political chit-chat. I still want to choke them from time to time, but the urge seems to be, for the most part, manageable.

As I was indulging in my guilty pleasure of allowing a podcast of Mike Malloy’s show to scream into my ears, I realized something – finally. We’ve all become authoritarians. We’ve all allowed ourselves to be pushed, pulled, spindled and crowded into acting from this lizard-brained place inside our heads that has only been responsible for provoking or participating in open conflict, bloodshed and warfare. As I listened to Malloy scream about the relative powerlessness of observing the ignorance, selfishness and narcissism of the political right, I realized that the patron saint of political rants is every bit as authoritarian as any of my wingnut acquaintances.

Stalin was every bit as brutal from the left as the Nazis were from the right, perhaps more so. When this dam of political and social outrage from the left finally bursts in the US, I can see busloads of “freedom riders,” coming down here to Texas not as Cindy Sheehan did – in peace – but loaded for bear and spoiling for a fight. The outrage has already boiled over in Greece and France; Murdoch and his minions have been working overtime trying to keep the rioting and violence out of the media, while the US and Australian governments have been burning midnight oil to cut WikiLeaks and Julian Assange off from their sources of funding.

We have got to do something more, people.

We have no viable “press” acting as a watchdog over the misbehavior of governments, especially our own, and if the fascists succeed in finally squelching Assange’s voice, our internet IP providers will not be far behind them. Once Americans wake up to the fact that they have lost everything left to lose, they will come here to the promised land of Texas and start doing, if they had had the collective sense God gave a sack of doorknobs, what Texans should have done in 1963, and with extreme prejudice.

The curious entrapment of “we are this and that,” when “that” is defined as “not this” catches lefties and stuns them into inaction. Lefties tend to believe that language is reality, completely oblivious to the fact that their opponents on the right have disabused themselves of the quaint notion of communication’s importance. The Righties freely take Lefties into the proverbial round room, telling them to go urinate in one of the corners. Like any stunned human, Lefties just comply hoping that all the confusion ringing in our ears will soon stop. We may be passive, but at least we are not hypocrites. We are “this and only this,” but never, “that.”

The confused thinking and dissonant communications has only gotten worse over time, becoming absurd with Newt Gingriches’ “contract on America,” or whatever the hell the psychopath called it back in the mid-1990’s. Imagine your beautiful country railroaded into fascism by a man who waited for his wife and mother of his children to come out of cancer surgery before he told her that he was leaving her for a younger woman. If you can imagine a pathetic man living out that scenario, then you know the name of the man who delivered the coup de grace that actually brought the United States to its knees. Newt Gingrich possesses a diabolical intelligence not seen near a mantle of great power since the Nazis of World War II Germany. Had someone actually taken a stand against this creep back in college, the sonofabitch might never have made it to grad school or the Speakership of the US House of Representatives.

Clinton would probably still have slept with ugly women all the way to the Whitehouse, in any event.

The moral of the story is, I think, “embrace your authoritarianism.” Do not shy away from your authoritarian insistence that authoritarianism must never be anywhere near a mantle of power. Kick these fascist bastards out of power and do it before they have time to redecorate their new offices with the blood of your sons and daughters. The sooner the job is done, the safer everyone else will be. We might still need one or two to slip through the cracks just to keep the appreciation of the important work of ridding the world of insane megalomaniacs high on everyone’s agenda. We must never forget the banal horror these psychopathic monsters inflict on human lives and always have.

One response to “Ideas on the Path Towards Revolutionary Regression: Issue 2; Authoritarianism Has Never Been A Left-Right Issue

  1. and why the Left-Right duality is a sucker trap……. The Libertarians have it right on this one, the up/down dimension is what really counts.

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