Some Jokes Aren’t That Funny

‘Who’s there?”
“Jew, who?”
Silly goy, don’t cry because I own all the good knock-knock jokes.

By Richard Volaar

The United States owes a debt to the Jews of Europe that can never be repaid. The United States allowed morons like Henry Ford, Charles Lindberg, Irenee Du Pont, Grayson Murphy, J.P. Morgan, Joseph Kennedy, the Bush Crime Family, Averill Harriman, the Dulles brothers, the Brown Brothers and, of course, Father Coughlin – a Canadian, but close enough – to a) rise to prominence and b) spew vile anti-Semitism on a global basis for multiple decades. Much of what transpired against European Jewry during the Nazi and Stalinist regimes had its roots in the machinations of the financial class in the early 20th century by 19th and 20th century American tycoons. If I were a Jew and names like the aforementioned hated my ethnicity out of some sort of weird bigot-reflex, I believe I would be quite paranoid regarding the negative events transpiring in my personal life and the lives of my family members. Certainly nothing good could come from the economic, political, social and psychological pressure a coordinated attack by America’s kabillionaires against my ethnicity would cause. Contemporary proof of my point can be found in the scattered fellowship of millions of former homeowners robbed absolutely blind by America’s latest crop of avaricious robber barons.

And yet, the United States cannot will itself a better past nor repay an irreconcilable debt.

But we can make some amends.

We can fire Rick Sanchez from CNN.

Anyone who has ever listened to Rick Sanchez confront the porcine purveyors of political poppycock on his former CNN show knew well enough that this day might come. Lead by the journalist Helen Thomas, Rick had had enough tap-dancing around the subject of what is truly wrong with America. Something needed to be said and, by god, Helen Thomas should say it. Even if it killed her, which it most likely did.

Rick Sanchez, like Governor Rick Perry of Texas, has terrific hair. The two Ricks would make a great political team – one, thoroughly compromised by the killing of innocent human beings and in the sleeping with a man not his wife; the other, plaintively looking for a pigeon-free ledge where he can piss and moan about the coming apocalypse from a relatively safe height above the great unwashed masses.

Before I become too deeply ensconced in “Rickishness” and miss what I really want to write about, let me see if I can’t offer a dash of empathy-training-in-a-bottle for the newly unemployed, future traffic-tracker of the morning commute, Rick Sanchez – a Cuban-American by ethnicity and a veritable Horatio Alger by his own humble admission. I need some closure.

“If it wasn’t for Teddy Roosevelt, your family would still be picking bananas, Sanchez.”

How did that one go down, Mr. Ethnic Sensitivity, Mr. Charismatic Clodpate?

Okay, enough about Rick. Mel Gibson he is not.

Sanchez should not have been fired for shedding light on an issue that should have been a major breaking news story thirty years ago. In addition to budget cuts in education, longer working hours for parents and dwindling elementary school test scores, “We the People” have become ethically paralyzed by our own uneducated, paranoid attempts at political correctness.

Our problem is so severe that we cannot recall, or even contemplate, that it was Israelis who were dancing near the van they were using to photograph the smoking Twin Towers on 9/11/2001, and it was the Israelis who murdered an innocent American boy during their raid on a humanitarian flotilla headed for Gaza. In 2010. AD. And, yes, it was the Israelis who murdered 34 American sailors in cold blood when they launched an unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty in 1967.

Should allies intentionally fire on one another during a time of war for either side? Real allies do not. Nor do they run bulldozers over the bodies of nonviolent American protesters like Rachel Corrie. Non-violent protest was specifically designed to irritate the homicidal psychopaths among us and Israel has been irritated a lot in its short history.

I loved the non-violent persona that was John Lennon and I loved that he held out such hope that peace and humor would cure us all from looking and acting like Dick Cheney. I loved Martin Luther King, Jr for similar, if less sardonic, reasons. But non-violent protesters have never stopped a cabal of insane idiots from picking one culture up by its heels and beating another one to death with it; certainly not on a schedule driven by an extinction-level event like global climate change. Lucky for us that the same folks responsible for promoting global warfare are also supremely interested in delaying any significant action to functionally address the remediation of global climate change. The only solution all of these mentally and emotionally ill whack-jobs seem to have for any communal infirmity is, “lower the population, by any and all means necessary.”

What does any of this have to do with the Jews? The Jews of antiquity, the Jews of the Torah, the Jews who have stood up for Civil Rights and democratic principles have had nothing to do with any of this madness. In fact, prior to the Holocaust in World War II, European Jewry wanted nothing to do with a homeland in Palestine. Such a thing, were it to come to pass without a divine messiah, used to be considered sacrilege by the majority of European Jewry. Among truly conservative Jewry the existence of Israel is an apostasy, a mockery of everything traditionally Jewish.

How could the mass murder of six million Jews (not to diminish the import of the four or five million non-Jews who were also exterminated) vastly change the political landscape in favor of the abandonment of a key principle underpinning the rich and beautiful traditions of the Judaism and its tenets?

As rhetorical as this question might sound, the systematic extermination, in December, 2008, of the people of Gaza should give any beating heart outside of the IDF considerable pause and time for reflection. The ferocious assault on an unarmed and segregated people was largely viewed by the world as severely out of proportion with the provocation – a few handmade rockets were supposedly fired from an area in Gaza directly into Israeli territory, killing a few Israeli citizens according to Israeli reports. Given Israel’s historical willingness to sacrifice a few of its own in order to promote the “greater good” it is not out of the question that this “provocation” was entirely the work of the Israelis themselves.

Considerable evidence suggests that the people of Gaza populate an area to be utilized for the transportation of Caspian Sea oil and gas, bypassing the Suez Canal and keeping the Egyptians securely away from the potential windfall to be made transporting these resources to an oil-starved Indian economy. So rather than making a ferocious attack on an unarmed people due to some pretense out of accord with the size of the initiating threat, perhaps this attack on Gaza had more to do with securing the unfettered transportation of a valuable resource through an area potentially under the control of the “terrorist group” Hamas. One does wonder. Silly goy.

Many Jewish comedians and comediennes are hilariously funny. Many of these have traded in their Judaism for an Israeli-flavored form of Zionism that shares many of the fascist tenets of fundamentalist pseudo-religious traditions all over the world. Zionism in all its flavors seems to have swept the globe, polarizing human beings as either sane or insane, crippling some of our greatest talents with alternating bouts of sanity and insanity.

Using the enormous resources available to a post-world war global economy to split Jewish culture into fascist Israeli zealots on the one hand, or extinct Jewish non-Jews on the other, was not funny, is not funny and all the Israeli ire in the world will not wring a punch-line out of any of this: they have become that which they claimed to despise.

11 responses to “Some Jokes Aren’t That Funny

  1. You knew where I was heading. Good. Now account for your bigotry, you anti-semite, you apologist for all things KKK!

    Let the cat back in and let the dog go pee before it gets too dark outside….*<:)

    Seriously, I've heard that claim of Ashkenazim being Khazars has been debunked….more research….

  2. No serious scholar believes that the Jews of Khazaria represent a significant proportion of the Ashkenazi gene pool. I could be convinced to believe alot of things about Israel’s behavior, but fixing multiple research studies would not be one of them. I don’t know where this “Jewish Encyclopedia” you cited came from. Who published it?

    On the other hand, the priestly class of the Ashkenazi, the one where the majority of the rabbis tend to come from, does have a high proportion of genes traceable to the Khazars. So the overall proportion of Khazarian blood does not matter if it is concentrated in the leadership class of the Ashkenazim.

    What is interesting is that the Khazars spent alot of time making money purely from the trade between Muslims and Christians. Both respect Judaism. The clincher is that the Turkish shamanism that the Khazars originally practiced as a religion required the ritual execution of any leader who lost a battle. So rather than the diabolical hijacking of Judaism that I feared could be true, it seems that the Khazars grew into their role as the money-makers among the Jews.

    Not only this, but the Khazars spent alot of time defending Jews against Arab Muslims as well as Christians. So the notion that the Khazars have driven alot of the apostatic behavior of the Jews might still be a valid point. However, the collusion and cooperation between the two cultures is such that one cannot reasonably separate them out. Khazars are Jews and Jews are Khazars, plain and simple.

  3. A similar situation arises among white people, too. The vast majority of the global leadership class is white and they have victimized the black races to the present day. Do we separate out the elites from the pool of white people and claim that they are not us?

    Precious few caucasians stand up for the rights and equal treatment of black people. There are those who actively oppress the blacks and the majority of white people look the other way.

    Show me a white movement, other than among American Jewry (SPLC), who take on the likes of Don Black on a regular basis? If white people weren’t racist, that SOB would have been buried a long time ago. Instead, they’ve allowed him to grow stronger and increase his political reach. It is clear that caucasians don’t police their racial behavior any better than the Jews do. We’re all for the misbehavior when it benefits us, but scream and cry when that same behavior is used against us.

    Racism is anti-human. Humans haven’t quite grasped that point because they seem to require the VISCERAL experience of just how isolated we are on this planet and just how desperate our situation has become.

  4. Diasporic Jews are Jewish, too. Caucasians are the same loud-mouthed, over-sexed, racial bigots in the US that they are in Chechnia. The chinese are just the same as caucasians, except they aren’t loud-mouthed.

    Generally speaking in the central-tendency sense.

    I’m not suggesting that there isn’t a case to be made that the upper-crusty Jews of the priestly class conspired against their own during the Holocaust. Clearly there was at least one case where this level and kind of betrayal took place…not unlike the white Klansmen who murdered a white woman, Viola Liuzo, during the Civil Rights movement (only the documentation for the Holocaust incident involed the betrayal of approximately 200,000 European Jews, not a single white woman).

    Still 200,000 is not 6 million. Accounting for the other 4.8 million murdered Jews and fixing blame anywhere other than in the internal antagonism among the Abrahamic religions is, to date, a waste of energy. The problem is not the Jews or any Jewish subculture. The problem is human trafficking and slavery, what happens to both slave and master psychologically over time, and how the dissolution of the relationship is handled by both parties.

    I see African Americans going through alot of the same crap the Jews must have gone through after they broke free from Egypt. After multiple centuries of servitude, not just one or two centuries, the Jews set themselves on a course of “never again,” and no one can blame them for that. To this date, thousands of years later, the rest of humanity takes personally the fact that the Jewish people hardened themselves against further victimization at the hands of an oppressor.

    Fifty years after the Civil Rights movement, oppressive whites STILL cannot accept that black people are equal human beings worthy of civil rights and equal protection under the law. Sounds alot like the way the Jews were treated after they left Egypt to me. Ergo, the problem is human beings victimizing each other to accomplish work rather than relying on the unreliable cooperation and mutual commitment between human beings to accomplish work more naturally.

  5. Interesting points. We need the linkage that makes the Rothschild’s Khazars and that is really all I need to see. Their history has been to defend Hebrews from both Muslims and Christians, doing all that they can to arrange an internecine conflict between these two religious factions.

    I am uncomfortable with the Christian Identity movement and its intellectual pairing with the white nationalists. I think both factions are nuts.

  6. If the Rothschild’s weren’t tightly associated with Khazarian Jews the argument loses alot of weight. These turkic Jews were clearly aggressive, violent, nomadic and opportunistic.

    The genetic evidence I am aware of makes the Ashkenazi the primary seed going back into Judea. The Khazars do not appear in Jewish history until the 8th century AD, yet their genes make up about 50% of the present rabbinical class. Clearly there was an “invasion” of sorts that went right to the leadership class of the culture. That’s what the “doctored” evidence suggests to me BEFORE I go off the deep end into unsubstantiated rumors and allegations.

  7. I think one should focus on one key argument to the exclusion of all other considerations. Jumping around from one point and place in time to another does nothing to serve the cause of understanding.

    As St. Francis said, “it is better to understand than to be understood. To love, than to be loved. For it is in self-forgetting that one finds….”

    I don’t see Jewish claims of “chosenness” to be anymore offensive than Islamist claims of superior piety or Christian claims that one sect or the other “owns” a primary claim to some heavenly posthumous destination. They’ve all fallen out of the “stupid” tree and hit every branch on the way down. That is, in fact, their very purpose — to make stupid, senseless.

    I have no particular axe to grind against Jewish statehood. I am perturbed by the murders they have committed on US soil in support or defense of their own maddeningly contorted public relations efforts. The more “wrong” or askew from truth a course of action is, the more energy is required to keep people believing in its salience and veracity. Israel, particularly in recent times, has bent itself backward trying to defend its positions on one point or other. Clearly something wrong is going on and THEY KNOW IT.

    What I want to understand — again, with a single-minded focus — is why the Israelis have behaved so much like their Nazi captors/oppressors did during WWII. When I saw those pictures of yellow and blue doll flesh that were lively children only seconds before, I don’t see a qualitative difference with the mass steam-shovelling of emaciated human corpses into giant holes in the ground, or the iconic photo of a Nazi using a rifle to gun down a Jewish w0man who was protecting her infant with her body while running away.

    So why, O Israel, must you be so much like that which you claim to despise?

    Well, if a band of narcissistic psychopaths, like the Khazars were once driven to be, took over the leadership of the Jewish culture and saw an opportunity to grant themselves a geographic place that they could call their own, would they not be willing to sacrifice those among them who opposed their zeal if it could be used to achieve their objective?

    The Kastner case, a case which the Israeli government would like to keep forever under wraps, was not an isolated incident but a modus operandi, then we would have our answer — the rich Jews did, in fact, victimize the poor Jews and used the Nazis to do it. Eichmann, before the Israelis hung him from within the same prison that they later imprisoned Cynthia McKinney in, proclaimed precisely that point. And, boy oh boy, did they expedite his execution.

    Then there is the book, “Perfidy,” by Ben Hecht. It was 400,000 Jews whose lives were exterminated as a result of Kastner’s betrayal (to save 600 rich Jews), not the 200,ooo I claimed earlier. Oops.

  8. Well, if the Jews do in fact own as much as we think they do, control as much as we think they do, and we don’t find an effective means of keeping them under control — we ARE donkeys. Eeyore lives!

    Destroying the rich Jews who think like this is simple. Simple is not easy, but simple is like a virus that can fell a huge mammal with a big brain.

    We simply stop using their money. Period. Full stop.

    For the US this would involve a President being able to plug in his own Secret Service detachment, tear apart and restaff the Department of the Treasury and having (as he now does) the unfettered ability to physically detain anyone he so chooses.

    How fast do you think the Nation of Islam, or the US Marines, could send a heavily armed and equipped detachment of body guards to serve at the pleasure of the President of the US? Precisely my point.

    All of the Mossad sleeper cells in Houston and Chicago would immediately explode into fits of violence that they would blame on the Muslims, but the next step would simply be to take back our airwaves from the corporations. If Hugo Chavez can tell the Koch Brothers to go piss up a rope, I’m pretty sure Obama can follow suit. If he has any nuts left.

  9. Well, I like the Hebrew people and many of their traditions. I don’t consider myself particularly antisemitic.

    But of the Israeli government I have precious little patience or tolerance. Just as the Vietnamese people drew a distinction between the American people and our government, so, too, should we distinguish between a government and its people. Whomever is in charge has taken most of them over and subverted every last one of them.

    In the end it could well be the Muslims who save us from all of this nonsense. Not a fan Shiria’h law, not a fan of how Muslims treat their women, but I’m not a fan of the way southerners treat their animals. I think the Muslims, in general, treat their women better than white southerners treat their animals. There are, of course, exceptions.

    Most of the Muslim people I know are kind-hearted individuals. I can live with that. Most of the Jewish people I have known have been hypersensitive, arrogant and self-important. But my experiences are most certainly NOT a random sample, nor are anyone else’s. As much as anyone else, I attract where I am at, and where I have been at, when the memories were acquired. Staying open-minded and willing to see things from a different perspective is the essence of true Christian teaching and the real meaning behind, “turn the other cheek.”

  10. Okay. You went in search of evidence to support your belief and found it.

    I need to see a survey with real statistics that can cross-section and stratify the Jewish population that supports the notion that Jews actually believe this rubbish. Good luck being able to draft a number of questions that don’t lead the respondents to conclude that they are being set up.

    I am being sincere here. I believe global climate change is real and I’d be willing to believe that alot of the “plagues” and pestilences we’ve suffered since, say, 1980, have been orchestrated by human beings at the highest level.

    I don’t think, anymore, that it is a coincidence that John Steinbeck won the Nobel for the Grapes of Wrath. His grandparents were among the first “zionists” who sought to bring the Jews back to Judea, actually venturing to Judea to live.

  11. Points taken. Agreed.

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