No Cure For That


4 responses to “No Cure For That

  1. Twaddlepoop? Now that’s a new one on me…well, not ON me, fortunately.

    With regards to voting, those irritating young twits are seen everywhere on the city streets these days… wanting to have a conversation about this candidate or that. I quickly tell them “Sorry, I gave up voting for Lent one year… along with Catholicism.

  2. You guys give me a reason to laugh…I am not voting again, but my husband is planning on voting GREEN. I too, have come to the conclusion that there is NO CURE FOR THAT. Vive la revolucion!

  3. I might just register to vote so I can write in “No cure for that”


  4. got an email today saying OEN was shutting down, so I opened it. turns out it’s just that they’re going offline for a few hours while they upgrade.

    then it was an appeal for money so that they really don’t go offline forever

    one hopes

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