China Rebuffs NWO

By John Kusumi

The following is a New York Times analysis of U.S.-China policy. Paragraph 5 ends with mentioning “a new global economic order.” At least, if NWO must be mentioned, here the context is good: China’s not cooperating.

“Taking Harder Stance Toward China, Obama Lines Up Allies”

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration, facing a confrontational relationship with China on exchange rates, trade and security issues, is stiffening its approach toward Beijing, seeking allies to confront a newly assertive power that officials now say has little intention of working with the United States.

In a shift from its assiduous one-on-one courtship of Beijing, the administration is trying to line up coalitions — among China’s next-door neighbors and far-flung trading partners — to present Chinese leaders with a unified front on thorny issues like the currency and their country’s territorial claims in the South China Sea.

The advantages and limitations of this new approach were on display over the weekend at a meeting of the world’s largest economies in South Korea. The United States won support for a concrete pledge to reduce trade imbalances, which will put more pressure on China to allow its currency to rise in value.

But Germany, Italy and Russia balked at an American proposal to place numerical limits on these imbalances, a step that would have further isolated Beijing. That left the Treasury secretary, Timothy F. Geithner, to make an unscheduled stop in China on his way home from South Korea to discuss the deepening tensions over exchange rates with a top Chinese finance official.

Administration officials speak of an alarming loss of trust and confidence between China and the United States over the past two years, forcing them to scale back hopes of working with the Chinese on major challenges like climate change, nuclear nonproliferation and a new global economic order.

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2 responses to “China Rebuffs NWO

  1. Try reading this webpage for another look into what is going on with China. Their refusal to cooperate could end up saving the world!

  2. Well as the ancient Chinese curse goes ” May you live in interesting times”. The rest of us need to come awake and dump over NWO and bring the perpetrators to accountability

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