Chinese dissidents plan their own WikiLeaks

By Tibetan Review

A group of Chinese dissidents is to launch its own version of the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks with the aim to expose central government secrets and promote democracy, reported the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) Oct 22. They aim to launch “Government Leaks” on Jun 1 next year and are calling on people to upload confidential government information to their database, the report said.

The website’s founder, nicknamed “Deep Throat”, has said, “by making government secrets open we can promote democracy in China. This is a fight against the dictatorship, and to return the right to information to the people. I believe it will advance China’s political reform.”

A team of professionals, including journalists, editors, lawyers and hackers, have been put together to help defend the website against possible cyberattacks.

The founders of WikiLeaks are said to include some Chinese dissidents, and it has recently launched a Chinese language version. However, the Chinese WikiLeaks has so far not published any sensitive information on the Beijing government.


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