Your tax dollars at work: Fresh Chemtrails

By Puddy Dunne

Double time Saturday. I was out of breath running up the wooded hill to get this shot. That’s me huffing and puffing. Chemtrail respiratory collapse is not for wimps.

25 responses to “Your tax dollars at work: Fresh Chemtrails

  1. But…..didn’t the UN pass a resolution?

    What in the world are they spraying?

    • here’s something for your pipe, Peter ~ The day after the UN banned chemtrails, the US Congress released a global governance plan on geoengineering. I’m writing about it now.

  2. Watched “What in the world are they spraying”. I’m curious as to the logistics of how they’re doing it. To me ,that’s the next thing that needs to come out. It seems to me that by recording the aircrafts type, registration and markings, it should be easy to investigate . Is it in the fuel, someone should be able to get samples. Are they airliners or cargo aircraft or strictly military and where are their bases of operation? Much needs to be presented yet to bring it up to a foregone conclusion that indeed this is what’s happening . I’m a flyer and look up and have been witnessing this for some time now and on occasion have seen what appears to be unmarked transport type aircraft at altitude flying loose formation on non typical flight paths. I’m concerned but in order to present these facts to people, I need to say this is how they’re doing it before I can say why.

    • I’ve been digging into this and have learned that both military and private aircraft are involved. I haven’t confirmed either way about commercial jets. One good point from the film is to focus on the effects rather than the motives. Less chance of turning people off.

      the only time I saw it while they were doing it, the aircraft were way high up – above 35,000 ft based on how small they looked.

  3. I guess what we have to see is if the video will take hold even in a small way. My way of thinking is that if enough of this gets out there, more and more people will start talking about it. All of this is so incredulous that it’s hard to accept but my thoughts are, that’s how they’re getting away with it. I talk to more and more people that are clued in where not that long ago I was in a very distinct small minority. I’ve been surprised by some that out of the blue were very clued in where I’ve talked to others that I thought were critical thinkers that just brushed all this off as so much hyperbole and were closed to further discussion. We obviously have a ways to go to reach tipping point. Scary stuff

    • We do have a ways to go, Don

      Just a few months ago in July, when I posted my heavily researched piece on the topic, BuzzFlash called it a work of fiction. (My argument with that editor culminated in my decision not to use that website any more).

      While we do have an unsuspecting public to educate, we also have to deal with system guards who desperately seek to suppress any info on the topic.

  4. Washington Post 10/29:

    “While some scientists and environmentalists have called for geoengineering research as a precautionary measure against catastrophic global warming, activists hailed the moratorium as a way to keep individual actors from altering the climate. The prohibition does not apply to the United States, which has yet to ratify the convention.”

  5. Dear Rady, can you please tell me when your new release on the chemtrail issue is out? We are arranging World Anti Chemtrail Day 20.11.2010, and it is getting close. It is global, and we cot cancelled when we reached 2000+ members. Now we are back to 1000 soon, but loads of people know about this, and chemtrail groups are being made everywhere. The movie “what in the world” has helped us doing this, and I hope you would like to write about it as well, or join us! We got no time to lose!
    Love & Light from Tone

  6. Thanks Rady; Your link to your July posting was a real eye opener. I’ve saved it as obviously I have some research to do. They’ve been doing it for quite some time now, they just never bothered to let us in on it. If their intentions aren’t towards a slow kill, it certainly looks like that’s exactly what’s coming down. My view is that they’ll do anything to maintain their status quo and they’re getting desperate. Without big oil, big Pharma and big agra their coffers will dry up and their expensive machine will grind to a halt. No money to be made in natural solutions, it reminds me of Nichola Tesla breaking away from Edison and JP Morgan taking him under the wing and financing his projects. The last big one was the project they did on Long Island where they built the Tesla tower to generate electricity that supposedly could even run ships at sea. What canned the project was in JP Morgans statement ” Where do I put put the meter”. I can’t speak for anyone else but personally I want off of this carousel, I didn’t sanction anyone to sign ownership of me over to these Bastards

    • I’m with you totally, Don ~ leaving the country is no solution; they’re doing this all over the world (chemically altering the skies and oceans and genetically modifying the plants and animals, while forcing an econ system that accumulates wealth for the few while throwing billions into poverty)…

      Truly, I have my suspicions they are even human.

      (lol… okay, here’s another BRIEF article on that: Alien Forest, Alien Ocean, Alien Sky from last month)

  7. Good morning Rady;
    If anyone follows here follows what David Icke and others proselytize, their humanity seems to be in question. I watched a Youtube documentary called “The Arrivals” which parallels the whole new world order thing from an Islamic perspective that is 8 hours long. If for nothing else, it’s a treatise on their religion and life philosophy that draws some startling links to Christianity and Judaism. Considering that Islam is the belief of close to a quarter of the Earths population and they’re being marginalized by the machine, we owe it to ourselves to understand our neighbors. The wakeup call is coming from all quarters, it’s going to take all of us focused to stand up to them.

  8. Hey, a couple things: Thanks for letting us know. And, I noticed after the UN resolution, we had clear skies for about a week, but in Atlanta this morning, I noticed the chemtrails were back.

  9. Well, this gets better and better! I was in DC on Sat. at the Rally, and they chemtrailed the entire Mall every 20 minutes or so like a huge chessboard! While everyone was trying to photograph the show, I was pointing my camera at the skies…that was Halloween enough for me!

  10. I wonder why none of the the armchair atmospheric experts here can’t look up and find out the exact plane they are seeing putting up a white line that they can tell is a strange chemical 7 miles up.

    Hint: Take a basic physics course as well as a quick lesson on high altitude humidity. All your fears will be gone. Unless you WANT chemtrails to be real and then nothing will matter. You will believe in them no matter how many tons of evidence prove them wrong.

  11. contrails occur only during ascension between 28000 & 33000 ft at nominal atmospheric humidity of 40-60%

    • “contrails occur only during ascension”

      What is the source of this? How does the atmosphere know of the plane is ascending or descending?

      According to many atmospheric charts, the humidity is a much greater range depending on the duration of the contrail and the altitude ceiling is much higher.

      • my dad was a major in the german Luftwaffe and my uncle is a Colonel in the U.S.Air Force and a former test-pilot for Lockheed Martin i will pass this page link to them so that they can directly comment and able to clarify the issues,btw ww2 bomber trails are a completely different thing to the jet-exhaust contrails due to different heat and cooling aggregates of the engines.

      • from groundlevel to about 28000ft water-droplets and small ice chrystal particles are forced ,due to centrifugal force of the turbine(s) to the inner compartment wall where they accumulate until the higher atmospheric pressure within the casing vs lower atmospheric pressure outside the engine then forces a higher amount of vapour through the (combustion chamber/end-stage) this causes contrails during ascention towards cruising altitude to be much longer and denser.once cruising altitude has been reached the contrail becomes much shorter,less dense and dissipates much quicker during level flight,sorry for not adding this to my last comment

  12. Not to throw any dispell on any posts here, Contrails actually start at around 22,000′. If you’ve ever watched any WW2 footage of the bomber streams. They also left contrails. They rarely went much above 25,000′ and except for Stirling bombers their service ceilings were around 30,000′. The other crews rejoiced when they found out they were on raids with Stirlings, they literally took the flack as the saying goes. Again I’ll post this, on Infowars this week Alex Jones hosted Dr. Steve Pieczenik all you conspiracy (ahem, had to throw that one in Captain) analysts want to hear something that’ll hold you engaged check it out , you won’t be dissapointed

    • They were spraying chemicals in WWII???

    • lol thanks for the “analyst” throw in,i left another comment on this page for you clarifying the ascension contrail issue and the ww2 bomber contrail issue (lack of propeller engine insulation in those days meant that immense heat was generated even at the front section of the engine whereas jet engines create most heat at the combustion chamber / rear engine section) i met Dr.Pieczenik (in company with the then Major Hague who quickly made general and allied commander,the sick fucker) and Laurence Eagleburger with my uncle at Ramstein AFB Germany in 1980 at the time i had no idea who he was + i was still a teen then the only thing i remember was his grip,he squeezed my hand so tight it brought tears to my eyes,bastard! but all is forgiven now since he is one of the driving forces behind the “silent revolt” in the military. p.s. contrails at 22000ft occur at 60%nominal humidity.

  13. Unless you consider bombs chemtrails. They did release chaff to blind German Radar. They called it windows. There might be some explanation in that as to chemtrails. My read is it deals with a technology we’re not privy to on a scalar energy level.

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