Consequences of the BP Oil Spill (Video)

Video by Global Voices for Justice and Global Access Media

Consequences of the BP Oil Spill (Oct. 2010, 15 mins) Produced and directed by Mark Manning.

The first in a 12 part documentary series investigating the real effects of the BP oil disaster on the people and environment of the Gulf. Featuring Dr. Riki Ott, marine toxicologist specializing in oil spills.

The BP oil disaster has the potential to shift the entire global energy paradigm – IF the public stays focused and aware of the situation and it’s consequences. As the mainstream media shifts away from the people and stories of the Gulf, Global Access Media’s 12 part series, The Consequence of Oil, will continue to shine a light on the reality and long term effects of this disaster.

One response to “Consequences of the BP Oil Spill (Video)

  1. I cannot wait for the rest of the installments. And Goddess bless Dr. Riki Ott…may she be protected from the goondas so that she can continue to help the Guf residents. Excellent work, Global Access Media!!!! you should get and Oscar!

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