TSA targets ‘smoking hot’ woman for naked scan; fondles children

By Rady Ananda

Are these TSA fuckwads looking for terrorists or a hard on? Why would 19 agents and police officers need to handle — and watch — a 20-something woman who happens to be ‘smoking hot’ get her breasts squeezed and twisted?


Children are fondled, too. Three-year-old Mandy Simon screams, “STOP TOUCHING ME” when a woman searches her for weapons. (The original video has since been pulled down. At a bit over a minute into this video, you can watch the child screaming while her mother holds her so the TSA agent can molest her.)


When law enforcement personnel can’t tell the difference between a terrorist and a three-year-old child, they need to go back to investigation school. One commenter captures my sentiment:

3-yr-old child, terrorist or pedophile's wet dream? TSA cannot tell the difference.

“I don’t know what is more disgusting — the TSA agent messing with a three year old or the father’s rationalization of and acquiescence in her molestation. ‘Sensitivity training suggested?’ WTF. My parents had their faults and shortcomings but I really don’t think my mother would hold me so I could be groped by a government goon and my father would stand there and record it on his cell phone. Their generation sacrificed too much to ensure crap like this didn’t happen here.”

Pilots are objecting, too. The president of the US Airways Pilots Association objects to the “far reaching, intrusive” measures taken by the Transportation Safety Authority and issued a warning to its pilot members:

“One US Airways pilot, after being selected for an enhanced pat-down, experienced a frisking that has left him unable to function as a crewmember. The words this pilot used to describe the incident included ‘sexual molestation,’ and in the aftermath of trying to recover, this pilot reported that he had literally vomited in his own driveway while contemplating going back to work and facing the possibility of a similar encounter with the TSA. This is a very serious situation…”

TSA can’t seem to figure out how to do its job without invading every right protected under the US Constitution. This isn’t authority; these are criminals.

The following audio is from a gentleman who secretly taped TSA agents who demanded to know where he got $4,700 found in his belongings. TSA knew they were in the wrong because not one of those thugs could cite a law requiring the man to answer such a question:


Of course, the scanners are dangerous. Dr. William Douglas writes in High-tech strip search packs massive radiation punch that “the Columbia University’s Center for Radiological Research says it’s because the X-rays don’t distribute evenly. Instead, they concentrate on the skin, which is extremely sensitive to radiation — and that opens up the possibility of chromosome damage and even cancer.”

Worse, children are more sensitive to X-rays.

Refuse scanners. Opt out. Even better, boycott air travel. One organization getting much attention now is We Won’t Fly.

And, let’s not forget that former homeland security secretary Michael Chertoff is the founder of the Chertoff Group, a security consulting firm whose clients include manufacturers of full-body scanners.

“Mr. Chertoff should not be allowed to abuse the trust the public has placed in him as a former public servant to privately gain from the sale of full-body scanners,’’ opined Kate Hanni, founder of FlyersRights.org, which opposes use of the scanners.

Chertoff’s group represents Rapiscan, a California based firm “which until recently was the only company qualified to sell full-body scan machines to the TSA.” Last summer, “TSA purchased 150 machines from Rapiscan with $25 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds.”

A better name might be RapeScan.

In July, a privacy advocacy group, Electronic Privacy Information Center, filed a lawsuit to suspend the use of such machines. EPIC uncovered 35,000 naked images that have been stored and transmitted by such technologies.

Alex Jones calls the scanners and sexual assault by TSA, “slave training,” and has covered the issue extensively. He reported that authorities plan to use these tactics at stadiums, as well. In February, InfoWars’ Kurt Nimmo revealed:

“Claims on behalf of authorities that naked body scanner images are immediately destroyed after passengers pass through new x-ray backscatter devices have been proven fraudulent after it was revealed that naked images of Indian film star Shahrukh Khan were printed out and circulated by airport staff at Heathrow in London.”

People need to boycott air travel. The only way to hurt corporations is in their pockets. Money is the only language they understand.

Do not let people fondle you or your children – this is a very basic human right. Travel should not involve sexual or physical assault. No one should be searched without credible probable cause. Resist.

“The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppose.” Frederick Douglass


21 responses to “TSA targets ‘smoking hot’ woman for naked scan; fondles children

  1. It’s hard to believe that the underpants bomber was the excuse to kick off this highly intrusive technology. As per the incident, this scanner wouldn’t have mattered because, according to reliable witnesses, the normal check in process was avoided for the party who tried to set off the explosive. This is 9/11 writ small – they introduce the technology (do the Iraq invasion) despite the fact that the technology is of minimal benefit (without evidence of WMD). They repeat this over and over and it’s getting old. Great article.

  2. Great article. and if people have to fly and have an experience like the last fellow’s audio recording, do what he did. Ask for a lawyer. One does not have to legally talk to the FBI without a search warrant, why should we talk to these jerk-offs (which is exactly what I think they do when they get a few naked views under their belts).

  3. boomerangcomesback

    Blatant violation of an individual’s person. Waaaay beyond the public’s tolerance level. The entire “cattle corral” walk-through process at airports is an obvious softening technique to achieve compliance and control the population. I see a public revolt against this revolting display of harassment under the color of “protecting our freedoms”. It is the proverbial “twist” of fascism, taking 10 miles when an inch is all that is called for…

  4. November 24th is the big day, boom. Actions are being planned all over the country.

  5. My daughter has flown since she was 3 years old. She is 12 now and is developing breasts. It sickens me as a mother than the first sexual encounter will be involuntary and at such a young age to a TSA pervert.
    As a mother I spoke to her about what to expect and she was horrified, and said she would rather not go to Florida. We cancelled our trip.

    If Janet Napalitano is not willing to go thru the machine, why shoudl my daughter. I did research and I found that these machines are not even used in Israel cause they are unreliable and easily tricked. Janet, I hope you are tried for treason and endangering children, and get listed in the sexual preditator database. I am no longer afraid of terrorists, your goons are much scarier.

    Just an FYI the Excuse of “Following Orders” did not work in Nuremburg and it will not work for you.

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  8. oh, they removed the video of the 3-year-old screaming STOP TOUCHING ME, and where her father as a weatherman told his local audience how she was just cranky.

    jeezus – we really do live under censorship.

    reminds me when the first reports of torture came out in 2004 – I was bed ridden with a spinal cord injury and my sleep was all fucked up from the drugs. So it was like 3 or 4 in the morning and I was watching Fox News which showed many of the torture pictures that were censored later that day – for MONTHS.

  9. i don’t normally respond to any of theses sites but i have to say this once it is totally amazing how normal americans have to subject themselves to this kind of behavior just to travel and get away from everyday stress we endure on an everyday basis now to get to the airport to be raped by machines and human beings so my question is what will they think of next when these machines prove there not as affective as they would like to believe what methods of search will they execute then

    • not only do I believe they are deliberately sterilizing us with these machines, but I also believe the main point is for them to collect a database of images of as many people as they can – to add the naked scan to each person’s digital record.

      it is subhuman that they do such things – if human at all

  10. Even if the images are instantly deleted, what stops anyone from snapping pics of the screen with a cell-phone (mine has 8mp camera) or other camera?

    FACT: *SOME* level of cancer risk is inherent in this, as in ALL x-ray imaging.
    IIRC, the risk of getting cancer from an x-ray is something to the tune of 1 in 10-million. In other words, you have a one in 10-million chance of getting cancer from each exposure. Obviously these are negligible risks – BUT… How many times will these things be used in a year?

    In a decade, it wouldn’t be hard for the scanners to kill more people than whatever terrorist-attack they’re designed to prevent!

    Then there’s the “gropers.” Don’t EVEN get me started!! No, I don’t think all TSA monkeys are perverts, but… You don’t suppose perverts might like to have a job where they get paid for groping people, do you?

    Bottom line – to me – is simple. No. F**ing. WAY.

    NOBODY is going to look at naked images of my wife but me, and NOBODY is going to look at those of my daughters.
    NOBODY is going to grope any of them without risk to their life and limb while I have breath in my body.

    Passengers have stopped every attempt since 9/11 – and we will CONTINUE to do so. The only REAL risk to planes at this point is explosives.

    Question: What stops Ji-had-Joe from packing his bomb in his colon – where it wouldn’t be found by ANY of these methods?

    Do you know how – relatively – simple it would be for a surgeon to install a plastic “kangaroo pouch” in a human’s skin? Remember: these are “suicide bombers”.

    These “scanners” and “pat-downs” are utterly useless for finding the real threats.

    We have technology capable of “sniffing” people for explosives – and they’re pretty much foolproof. I believe we should make EVERYONE go through the sniffer, but otherwise not check anyone at all for anyTHING at all. No metal detectors, no bag-search/x-ray — NOTHING.

    Yes – jihad-moe(hammed) may bring a knife or gun – but so will some “good guys.” An armed society is a POLITE society — whether in our blessed Republic, on the ground, or in a crowded plane. Let Mo get stupid – SOMEONE will take him out. He DEFINITELY won’t get a chance to reload.

    No security is foolproof, and the “forced disarmament” only ensures THE GOOD GUYS are disarmed — the bad guys *WILL* find a way to get around it.

    Want to stop the bad guys? How about we stop disarming THE GOOD GUYS!!

    Serious suggestion: Allow concealed-weapons-permit holders to carry, but MANDATE frangible ammo. No risk to the plane, no chance of ricochet, *NO* chance of bad-guys successfully doing anything to anyone.

    I know – never happen – because THIS IS NOT ABOUT SECURITY.


  11. the video has been censored…I mean “pulled” for copyright issues. Cant find it anywhere

  12. The government wants us to stop traveling. They have the control grid in place ready to go and they plan to stop all travel by air and ground soon. This is part of the plan to stop air travel voluntarily by Americans and Europeans. I am sure the airlines are against the attack against their customer base but the government plan is going just like they planned it to go. Except they planned more people to be licking their boots without asking questions. They will conduct more terrorist attacks soon so idiots will demand more protection from the terrorists who are actually the government, not Muslims in caves as they lead the idiots to believe.

    • yeah, I think you’re right, Richard — they could not have imagined people would put up with sexual perversion…

      What we still might be able to do, tho, is turn this around where they end the practice and air travel still exists for the common folk

  13. Just one comment from the video. The question “am I free to go” is important, and will be dodged by most law enforcement officials. It should be repeated as a yes or no question if the official begins to tap dance. Continue to ask as they continue to tap dance.

    If the official says you are not free to go, he or she has effectively placed you under arrest. This is a step not lightly taken by law enforcement, especially when probable cause is absent and unlawful imprisonment could later become an issue.

    If the officer says you are free to go, stop talking and leave.

    • EXACTLY, Boca ~ This is precisely how each of us should handle any stop by law enforcement. This applies to all situations.

      btw, I think they can hold you for 24 hours without charging you, but I also think they must have probable cause that you committed some crime.

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