TSA promises $10,000 fine for refusing sexual assault

By Rady Ananda

At the San Diego International Airport yesterday, about one-fifth of the travelers were selected for sexual assault by transportation security agents. Though TSA’s website did not list SAN as one of the airports employing the carcinogenic naked scan or a full body rub down, one man was told his refusal to submit would result in a civil law suit and a $10,000 fine. Under 49 CFR Sec.s 1540.105 and 1540.107, as summarized in these 2004 TSA Sanction Guidelines, apparently TSA has Congressional support to fine people for refusing to submit to molestation.

John Tyner posted his video of the incident and described in detail the experience. At about 3:50 into the first video, Tyner tells TSA agents:

“If you touch my junk, I’m gonna have you arrested.”

“Upon buying your ticket, you gave up a lot of your rights,” said one TSA agent (~8:34).

“The government took them away after 9/11,” he countered.

His father-in-law tried to convince the agents to allow him to be screened by the metal detector since he has an aversion to the x-ray machine and to having his genitals touched by strangers.

“We have our procedures, Sir.”

Agents then filled out a report of the incident, taking down his name and other details. (Second video)

Transportation Security Manager David Silva told agents to have Tyner escorted from the airport. But after his ticket was refunded, he was again detained by security personnel who continued to question him.

In the third video, Tyner’s camera caught the agents on film as they huddled some distance off from him.  Here’s where Orwell rises from the dead. In the third video, we see one of the suits using doublespeak:

“For your benefit, can I get a contact number?”

“For my benefit?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I think we’re done.”

“Actually, Sir …”

“My benefit has been achieved.”

“No, Sir, I’m trying – I’m trying to get you, give you some mitigating factors, in your – in your favor. Cooperation is one of those mitigating factors.”

“I’m sorry, what mitigating, mitigating what?”

“Remember the, remember the civil penalties I told you you could be subject to for failing to …”

“So are you going to subject him and this officer and the four TSA members who escorted me out to those same penalties?”

“No, Sir, I’m not.”

“They directed me to break the law and they escorted me out and told me my only choice was to leave the airport.”

“Tyner? Was that the name?”

“I think you’ve got a record of it back there. All my pertinent information is on the record you took.”

“I’m just trying to get the right to call you by your name. That’s what –”

“My name is John.”

Tyner then demands to leave while the suit continues to seek his cooperation.

“To what end?” John asked.

“To the end, to the end, to the end that it will look better for you when we bring the case against you that we’re going to bring, okay, if you cooperate.”

“You bring that case,” Tyner said, then walking out of the airport.

At the TSA website, at its Tips for the Screening Process page, TSA warns people:

“If a personal search is required you may choose to remain in the public area or go to a private area for your screening. If you refuse either option you will not be able to fly.”

It does not tell them they will be fined $10,000 for refusing both options.

You can read Tyner’s full report here, and his response to the 800+ comments he received (as of 1 pm Eastern on Sunday), here.

San Diego International Airport's Transportation Security Manager David Silva chats with security personnel about how to proceed with a passenger who refused to be sexually molested by them. (Image rotated from video screen shot. H/T Casa Zaza.)

Industry and Public Outrage

On Friday, TSA Administrator John Pistole and the Dept of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano met with travel industry executives who expressed grave concerns over these offensive practices, which hurt their business. Reuters reports:

“The meeting with Secretary Napolitano was informative but not entirely reassuring,” said Geoff Freeman, an executive vice president with the U.S. Travel Association. “We understand the challenge DHS confronts but the question is where we draw the line.”

Pistole mentioned several forthcoming reforms for so-called trusted travelers, Freeman said.

“Our country desperately needs a long-term vision for aviation security screening rather than an endless reaction to yesterday’s threat,” he said.

Airline officials and travel industry executives complained of the numerous emails they have received over this abusive practice from customers vowing to boycott air travel.

On November 24th, WeWontFly.com is sponsoring a national Opt Out Day to lodge consumer objection. Several cities are planning their own actions at airports that day.

Yesterday we reported on the 20-year-old woman who was targeted for sexual assault at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport, which her radio station coworkers believe was due to her beauty. You can also see the video of the 3-year-old who was sexually molested by TSA workers under the guise of searching the child for weapons.

Airport Screening Involves Military Contractors

Military contractors General Electric and Lockheed Martin provide many of the explosive trace detection portals used at airports, reported Mickey McCarter in 2005. He also notes:

“American Science and Engineering Inc. (AS&E), based in Billerica, Mass., manufactures backscatter X-ray machines that have been purchased by TSA …. [as well as] Rapiscan Security Products Inc., based in Hawthorne, Calif.”

L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc. is another defense contractor supplying such machines, reports Perpetual Commotion. In October, the New York Times advised:

“The T.S.A. reports that there are 317 of the ‘advanced imaging technology’ machines now in use at 65 airports around the country.  About 500 should be online by the end of the year, the agency said, and another 500 are expected to be installed next year. Ultimately, the agency plans to have the new machines replace metal detectors at all of the roughly 2,000 airport checkpoints.”

San Diego International Airport services over 18 million passengers a year, and brings an estimated $10 billion to the local economy.  Yet, if security measures destroy business, the federal government will further isolate itself from the economic interests of the nation, if not the manufacturers of these intrusive technologies.

22 responses to “TSA promises $10,000 fine for refusing sexual assault

  1. This is so outrageous it would be laughable if I didn’t know it was true. I suggest civil disobedience. Not only opt out, but non-cooperation with pat-downs, throw yourself on the ground and let everyone around you know that the TSA agents are breaking your civil rights under the 14th amendment (is that the right one? I think so). Scream, yell, make a scene and embarass those jerks. And I am sorry, but anyone who lets a stranger grope their children is NUTS! There is no reason why citizens have to put up with this horseshit. John was very brave, and kudos to him. He did it!

  2. Oh yea, and the pilot’s and steward’s unions should strike over this, right at peak holiday travel.

  3. yeah! strike!

    btw, I think the 14th Amendment applies (due process), but I know for sure the 4th Amendment is the privacy guarantee

  4. The fact is the TSA are using the threat and reality of RAPE to force people to choose to be irradiated and exposed to cancer causing rays so the TSA rapists can enjoy lots of porno they can masturbate to – or strangers whose gonads they can fondle.

    FACT: they dig doing this to women while their husbands are watching. The helpless rage of the husband makes them feel powerful, a real drug for the TSA people, most all of which are subhuman grotesques unemployable in any other context.

    FACT: it is rape.

    The choice the TSA subhumans hold out is the same as the choice between being shot or sodomized at gun point.

    All TSA agents must be indicted for RAPE or for aiding and abetting a rapist.

    You know what these guys at TSA do when they’re done sexually assaulting women they feel up?

    They keep the gloves they use and trade them for each other to sniff, catching scent from the women whose crotches they fondle. Yeah, they ARE that sick and twisted.

    They stand around during breaks, sniffing them and laughing. Don’t ask how I know but it is NOT heresay. This is FACT.

    Congressmen have to know this WILL happen to their wives! Their daughters! Their granddaughters. The TSA monsters are psychopathic sexual sadists.

    On the day of the protest against TOTAL SEXUAL ASSAULT on Nov 24, go through the pat down with a full bladder and bowels and let them both go the very second that the TSA maggot touches your gonads. By the 20th time this happens, they’ll get the message.

    If you can’t defecate and urinate on command, you can at least shriek, ‘RAPE! I AM BEING RAPED BY MY GOVERNMENT! RAPE!’ over and over again until you psss out when the TSA rapist touches you.

    Understand one thing: the psychopathic TSA agent strolling over to stroke your genitals is a rapist whose whole life is a nightmarescape of self-hatred and desperation. The TSA rapist’s only sense of self-worth comes from the sexual humiliation of his betters. Most likely, they are homosexual predators who cannot get satisfaction from same-sex partners because they are rejected by all human beings as disgusting subhumans. Most can only get sex by covering their genitals with peanut butter and climbing into a cage at the zoo.

  5. Thanks Rady, I had a feeling I threw in an extra number there. My husbamd was like “this would NOT happen if I were there, I’d kill the guy”. Strikes and Civil Disobedience everywhere! Bring the TSA to its knees and stop the entire airline industry. They can do things like this in France, why not here?????? Let’s DO IT!!!

  6. It is abominable that any “authority” would think that fondling children or twisting women’s breasts will increase the security of a nation.

    These perverts — those who perform such searches and those who enacted this law — need to be imprisoned.

  7. Yea, agreed, but first we have to stop them. I would be surprised if that John Tynant guy didn’t bring a test case to court.

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  9. surely what i am reading from here in ozzi land cant be ‘true’ !!!!

  10. boomerangcomesback

    Of course this is happening in America!

    We the People first “allowed” ourselves to be herded like cattle through the roped off habitrails, demeaning ourselves in the process. Taking a slice out of Americans independence and pride a little at a time, the freaking rogue “authorities” have escalated the sick control practices to levels of humiliation and compliance our ole Cowboys of the Wild West would have responded to with a bullwhip crack splitting the air and free for all fist rumble or worse!

    As I consider the implications of these ‘control techniques’ being used and justified by Fear-mongering psychos starting with Bush/Cheney, I think back to the stories of the brave and courageous Native Americans who once graced our homeland… I was thinking how a proud Indian might deal with the scenarios presented, and I first imagined a bunch of bleeding TSA agents. Then, I understood that the proud Native Indians were treated even worse, and were “forced” to comply to inhuman treatment at the hands of the real Savages. So think about it. What happened to the Native Indians is now happening to Native Americans. Consider the end result. Can We the People improve the previous result, or will we also be conquered by a bunch of psychopathic deviant power mongers? Oh, and do note — these procedures are For Your Safety (sic).

    • There’s a saying, “Watch well your beginnings; they foretell your ending.”

      When thinking about the genocide of Native Americans, we see it now happening to “us”

      re: slave training — yep, this is so outrageous and obvious. The Germans are protesting in mass numbers – dropping their drawers

  11. TSA comments reTweeted by Jack Shafer of Slate:

    jackshafer Jack Shafer

    RT @notjessewalker: TSA: Because NAMBLA needed a rebranding. #TSASlogans.


    Jack Shafer

    jackshafer Jack Shafer

    RT @Heminator: Oh sure, the TSA is hated and ineffective now, but things will get better when they unionize, right? http://bit.ly/cU6uRU

    jackshafer Jack Shafer

    RT @Popehat: #TSASlogans Don’t worry, my hands are still warm from the last guy.

  12. LOVE that last one!

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  20. Can I just say what a reduction to find someone who actually is aware of what theyre talking about on the internet. You undoubtedly know methods to bring an issue to light and make it important. More folks need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre no more common since you undoubtedly have the gift.

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