Does TSA Behavior Fall under Definition of Terrorism?

By Government Against The People

Are agents of the Transportation Security Administration engaging in behavior that falls under the Patriot Act’s definition of domestic terrorism? The question may sound preposterous until you consider the following.

Air travelers in the U.S. are being presented with a choice when passing through airport security: either submit to being scanned by an extremely invasive and potentially hazardous machine, or have your genitals groped by agents of the Transportation Security Administration.

Many are deciding that they’d rather pass through the naked body scanner than suffer the humiliation of having their genitals manually probed. In other words, they’re being coerced .

Jeffrey Goldberg, a national correspondent for The Atlantic, recently got a TSA agent to admit that the prospect of genital groping is being used as a means of coercion. In an Oct. 29 posting, Goldberg wrote:

I pointed out to the security officer that 50 percent of the American population has no balls (90 percent in Washington, D.C., where I live), so what is going to happen when the pat-down officer meets no resistance in the crotchal area of women? “If there’s no resistance, then there’s nothing there.”

“But what about people who hide weapons in their cavities? I asked. I actually said “vagina” again, just to see him blush. “We’re just not going there,” he reiterated.

I asked him if he was looking forward to conducting the full-on pat-downs. “Nobody’s going to do it,” he said, “once they find out what we’re going to do.”

In other words, people, when faced with a choice, will inevitably choose the Dick-Measuring Device over molestation? “That’s what we’re hoping for. We’re trying to get everyone into the machine.” He called over a colleague. “Tell him what you call the back-scatter,” he said. “The Dick-Measuring Device,” I said. “That’s the truth,” the other officer responded.

Section 802 of the U.S. Patriot Act, titled “Definition of Domestic Terrorism,” provides several definitions of domestic terrorism, including this one:

“The term `domestic terrorism’ means . . . activities that appear to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population.”

You may read the pertinent passage by going to the text of the Patriot Act here and searching for “Sec. 802.”

People passing through airport security certainly qualify as a “civilian population,” and at least one TSA agent has admitted that this population is being deliberately coerced. Many air travelers who have experienced these violations would say that they have been intimidated as well.

So do the practices of the Transportation Security Administration qualify as domestic terrorism as defined by the Patriot Act? We take no position on the matter but simply invite you to draw your own conclusions.


12 responses to “Does TSA Behavior Fall under Definition of Terrorism?

  1. boomerangcomesback

    I’d say it should be categorized as such. Anyone can go “postal” at any time. Should this type of “screening” be used everywhere and at every occassion? Restaurants, all retail stores, and all events of any type, before anyone comes into your home, church, office?

    How much Fear can a Fearmonger whore, if a Fearmonger could create Fear? Is there, and what is the “appropriate level” of Fear-based societal behavior? Of course we understand it is supposed to be for our “protection”, yada, yada, yada. 9/11 was an inside job, of course. So America wipes out a country and its people, and starts another war, and spend more $money$ on “defense” than all other nations combined. Its working out great for everyone, huh?!

    Think about it.

  2. boomerangcomesback

    Perhaps we could just say, Americans despise fiery deaths in enclosed spaces like airplanes. Maybe that’s the paranoia? People do submit to a litany of dehumanizing “tests” and procedures at the hands of their physicians. Perhaps public fondling is the problem. Maybe we just don’t like the “change” Bush/Cheney & Obama have brought home?

    I suppose we don’t trust these TSA screeners as “professionals”. I would say for good reason as well. There was some pseudo-interesting debate on Andersoncooper 360 last night about the subject. There was something odd about the one pudgy, juvenile commentator and his shill-like comments that were all Pro-fondling and pro-invasive for protection of course. The other guy stated America has dumbed-down their security (vs Israel who obviously is a more dangerous place to travel in/out of); OH! And we can tell! Israel supposedly uses more hands off “observation” techniques, where America just want to run all the Sheeple through the stiles, feel em up, pat em down, irradiate em, and pass em through. Sounds just like Americans. Blunderheads.

  3. The TSA…a joke…nothing more than make work for old, uneducated and the unemployable.

  4. They are just rent-a-cops, folks. That’s all. They are NOT an “agency”. Which makes it a whole lot worse.

  5. boomerangcomesback

    Stoner and Morgana — we need more insightful and biting commentary here than you have offered. TSA is not going to go away with the wave of your hand and off-handed comments. Stoner; you might want to take on a different “handle” and be taken seriously. No offense. Your IQ is probably the sum of 3 TSA agents.

    Give Rady some scintillating criticisms here, so she can whack the “authorities” upside their blockheads with logic, commonsense, and some righteous indignation! THEY are Forcing compliance to the level of THEIR twisted ideas of protecting people. The first thing that is apparent, is the sheer “Ugliness” of their hamhandedness. Applying the same rigorous force used against adults, to the elderly, women and children. This lack of empathy and intelligence on their part disqualifies them as representative authorities. Right, and we pay for it with taxes. And the elite cronies print their own money, bill us and future generations for it, impoverish the nation, and YOU are supposed to thank them for watching out for you? Anywhere along this trail of tears, thinking Americans can feel free to get off the plane and disembark.

    WE never signed up for any of this, much less will we foot the bill.

    What say you?!

    • lol.. I DO get many ideas from others… seriously … I do learn from reading radicals’ reactions to news.

      the more months that pass since Earth Day 2010, the harder it is for my brain to work, living as I do in So Florida. I genuinely feel dumber lately.

  6. boomerangcomesback

    Let’s get some Perspective shall we?

    If I owned the companies that manufactured Burglar Alarms (Read — Home(land) Defense Systems), AND, I could bill the American public and other nations endlessly for the privilege of paying for it all, AND I could also print up all the Fiat Money I wanted — what might I do? Considering I was a soul-less corporation:

    I might just create the FEAR in my customers to induce them to foot the bill. I might even create chaos and terror as a part of my “marketing plan”. That would just be savvy Business right?

    There’s that saying, “if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck”…its probably a duck. Then there is the saying, “cui bono”. Follow the money. Do look at the numbers posted on the Wiki website above. Contemplate them. Look around you. Consider the scenario. Politically, militarily, economically, historically, carefully. Consider also, that “Black” and “Off-Budget” hidden items are not reflected. Reflect on this.

    I don’t think we have to be mathematicians to make observations. Now, how can this obvious statistical fact be explained away by your political elites? It can’t. They don’t listen to the Will of the American People, do they? They DO listen to the very highly rewarded Lobbyists and MIC cronies. In fact a revolving door is easily seen in D.C. and Wall Street.

    Food for thought. The shelves are barely able to bear the weight anymore. When they break it is going to be a mess.

  7. boomerangcomesback

    Oops…I forgot to add in the $1 Trillion or more cost of the Iraqi War. I wonder what Afghanistan has cost? I guess Rumsfeld’s numbers were a little low in his estimation of the cost, aye?

  8. Also anybody with an IQ of over 100 is not allowed to work for the TSA. That is a rule that has been upheld by the Federal Courts. They claim it is to prevent employee turnover. Basically they are a bunch of dumb5ucks.

  9. One of the best things I’ve seen all week! This whole operation is amazing! Keep up the GREAT work!

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