Georgia and Florida move to fire TSA

By Associated Press

ATLANTA (AP) – Airports in Florida and Georgia are debating whether to replace Transportation Security Administration employees who run security checkpoints with private contractors.

Republican Rep. John Mica of Florida sent a letter to the nation’s 100 busiest airports this month urging them to consider using contractors. He’s a longtime critic of the TSA.

Sanford Airport Authority CEO Larry Dale said his board has authorized him to opt out of using TSA employees at the Orlando Sanford International Airport. Dale said he expects to send the government final notice in January.

Macon City Councilor Erick Erickson said he wants to stop using TSA screeners at the small Middle Georgia Regional Airport. Erickson said a private contractor has more ability to fire security workers who are rude to passengers.


btw, the Miami Herald contacted me about my coverage of the topic and is about to do a huge piece on this. ~ Rady

3 responses to “Georgia and Florida move to fire TSA

  1. Didn’t more Americans not want Obamacare? Yet, it seems that more headway is being made on reversing this.

  2. Way to go Rady!!! ANd yes, your coverage started way before the mainstream, and deserves recognition! Kudos.

  3. hey, thx, Morgana 8)

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