Exposed: Michael Chertoff’s junk

By iching64

Ever wonder where these full-body x-ray scanners came from? How about the official policy of government agent groping at the airports? The PATRIOT Act?

All roads lead to one man: Michael Chertoff. He’s created a nice little business for himself abusing his fellow Americans.

…And today we expose HIS junk.

If it looks like a Nazi and acts like a Nazi…

The US news media protects Michael Chertoff.


He has done more damage to the US than any person I can think of, living or dead.

His record speaks for itself.

Somehow, he was working on the PATRIOT Act before 9/11, he had a hand in “normalizing” torture, he sat on his hands and let New Orleaneans die, and now he’s engineered a mass irradiation and humiliation program that effects millions of Americans.

The new growth industry in the US is criminalizing, harassing, robbing and imprisoning American citizens.

Call it the “Chertoff Century.”

4 responses to “Exposed: Michael Chertoff’s junk

  1. Son of the devil…

  2. Khazari devil & traitor.

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