COTO Report from Cambridge with Love: an Interview with Charlie Veitch

COTO Report and Megan ‘Verb’ Kargher are pleased to bring you an interview with Charlie Veitch of The Love Police.  Charlie is a filmmaker activist and comedian.  I met up with him in Cambridge England and among other things we discussed his motivation for forming The Love Police and his arrest in Toronto.  If you are not fimiliar with Charlie and The Love Police have a look at their web site at or check out his youtube channel entitled The Love Police.

[Ed. Note: In the first segment, note that H.R. 875 has been mostly incorporated into S. 510, both entitled the Food Safety Modernization Act. See Food Freedom for in-depth coverage of S. 510.]

6 responses to “COTO Report from Cambridge with Love: an Interview with Charlie Veitch

  1. Ha! I just KNEW your silence meant you were working on something fantastic. Great job, Megan ~ and this latest is much more polished. We can see your growth as a filmmaker.

    now, to Charlie ~ please don’t insult cunts by comparing police state behavior to them. Cunts don’t do that; cunts give pleasure, produce life, and aromate the air with a musky reminder that we are of the Earth, a creation of Nature.

    (okay, now onto the rest of your video)

  2. here’s a great quote about anger:

    “Hope has two beautiful daughters: Courage and Anger. Anger at the way things are and courage to make them the way they ought to be.”
    ~Augustine of Hippo

    btw, what’s up with video 5? Sony is censoring it — requiring us to view it on youtube?

  3. Take note Americans…peoples around the world. It is TIME to take back the world from the corpogov’s. Violence? No. Determination and courage? Yes. Perserverence? Yes. and alot of good old fashioned agit-prop and screaming till your voice breaks!

  4. alright — finally finished watching all of it. Glad we have someone of Charlie’s intelligence and sense of humor on our side.

    Megan, we gotta turn him on to the Food Freedom website – this boy needs to learn about the food wars, and learn about all the healing plants

  5. Megan 'Verb' Kargher

    yes we will get him healed up for sure
    he was so fun to interview
    five got problems of copyright cause i used krs-one clip
    i am going to load one which is krs-one free
    for germany which has it totally blocked

  6. Megan 'Verb' Kargher

    by the way i got three more interviews already recorded and in the editing process including freeman and ben stewart who made esoteric agenda and kymatica
    and one on alternative healthcare with george rhodes

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