Happy Military/Industrial Complex Junta Day!

November 22, 1963, Friday, democratic government in the United States of America was murdered in downtown Dallas.

What we have learned since the sine quo non of white-wash investigations, the Warren Report, concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

1.        Lyndon Baynes Johnson, future President of the US, and H. L. Hunt (member of the Lamar Hotel, Suite 8F, Houston group) played crucial roles in the conspiracy to assassinate President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

2.        Jack “Ruby” Rubinstein worked as a Union informant for future President of the US, Richard Milhous Nixon from as early as 1947.

3.        George Herbert Walker Bush played a role in the assassination, a role requiring him and his wife to fashion more than one cover story to account for his whereabouts on this day in 1963.

4.        Dallas police officer J.D. Tippet, allegedly murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald, was also working for the Central Intelligence Agency.

5.        Had the assassination of the President not taken place on this date in 1963, Lyndon Baynes Johnson would have been indicted and probably convicted for at least one political murder in the State of Texas.

6.        J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI, was involved in the assassination conspiracy, attending a closed-door meeting with Clint Murchison, George Brown (of Brown and Root), H.L. Hunt and Lyndon Baynes Johnson at his estate the night before the assassination.

7.        Lee Harvey Oswald believed he was involved in a counter-conspiracy to derail the plot to assassinate President Kennedy.

What we now know is that our current President, Barak H. Obama, has given George H.W. Bush the Medal of Freedom and carried more than a nominal amount of water for the political factions represented by George H.W. Bush.

Rebel, resist or sign this nation’s death warrant along with the conspirators.

5 responses to “Happy Military/Industrial Complex Junta Day!

  1. hey, WW, I was just about to send out an alarm… glad to see you back at the screen.

  2. boomerangcomesback

    Aye — the golden voiced ONE is Back in the Saddle Again!


    Stick your spurs into the ass-end of those bastard viruses, Rogue. Glad you’re sailing the seas of sanguinity (made that up) with us again.

  3. boomerangcomesback

    Yesss…that is fascinating and amazing. A “born sucker machine”, or sucker factory. What “flavors” does it crank out? Fruity tootie? Root Beer? Lickerish? Grassberry?

    Does “sucker” mean (in some parlance) always clinging to the teat of government and it’s propaganda? Never weaned y’know?

  4. It’s me, Morgana. The litle men in my screen have been playing too, and I had to login to WordPress again to get into the postings. WTF? Anyway, glad you’re back Boom. Really its a pita when they play inside the wires, makes everything slow down, mixes things up, what a waste of our taxpayer dollars, eh?

  5. boomerangcomesback

    You must mean, “Welcome back, Rogue1”. Don’t let your wires get crossed folks.

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