Fame is fleeting – and so are your rights

By Brian Dowing posted by Michael Collins

(Julius Caesar’s letter to the citizens/subjects regarding frontier checkpoints)

Salutations, esteemed fellow Romans!

I write you from Gaul, site of another of our many legions’ encampments around the world. The auguries tell me that there are growing objections, both in the Forum and Senate, to the system of searches upon travelers coming into our territories from barbarian regions along our expansive periphery, especially southern Arabia and Mesopotamia.

Securitas Republicae, a part of Rome’s government akin to our legions, has ordered these searches to better safeguard our freedoms from those who hate us for those freedoms. This, I’m sure you will agree, will improve the safety and wellbeing of the citizens of our Republic, ignorant and churlish and ungrateful though they be. [Strike that last part? -JC]

In recent weeks these security measures have been stepped up as barbarian threats have become more pronounced. Accordingly, at many checkpoints along the Rhine, Rhone, Danube, Jordan, Nile, Niger, Tigris, Euphrates, and Potomac [check that last one -JC] we are requiring travelers to lift their togas or in some cases to allow one of my shorter legionaries to look up their togas – a procedure I have named the Veni Vidi. [I can’t think of a third “V” word just now -JC]

11 responses to “Fame is fleeting – and so are your rights

  1. pretty funny. interesting comment about how “rich” flyers get heard in corporate media, while those on the street endure pat downs every day. that’s true. corporate media has been covering this issue in its psyops way.

    • It’s time for mockery. The full spectrum resistance to the fascist project succeeds as we become more informed on a regular basis but we fail when we can’t occasionally laugh at the perps. We are ruled by the Caesars who cross the Rubicon every day as they press their financial benefit on us in the form of national security. It’s non stop on exposing the various schemes and laughter is one method of shining a bright light.

  2. boomerangcomesback

    WW — Recall the old refrain…”Hey! I’ve got my Rights!”?

    I suppose the New Change in America is, “No you don’t — we took those away with the trash”.

    I’m wit you Willie.

  3. This article and political climate that in presently on the scene, make me frequently to go and read this:
    The 14 Defining Characteristics Of Fascism

  4. I agree. The actors who seek to remove rights are separate from the targets. We don’t have to surrender anything unless there’s a gun to our head. They do make it difficult, like charging people who decide not to fly due to the intrusion if those people don’t submit to search before leaving the airport. They can get as crazy as they want. We do not have to follow and the vast majority are not.

  5. Great points, and love the satire….

  6. How about setting up private airports and private airlines? Boycott government run airports and airlines that collude with the offending airport!

  7. Well, I learn from my ancestors, some of whom were murdered by the Nazis. There is more to the adage “Never Forget” than just the Nazi-specific Holocaust. Know what I mean?

  8. boomerangcomesback

    PLUS, fools like these would be the ones who keep pushing the button, shocking innocent people, and ultimately killing them, because “they were told to” ala the famous experiment on peer pressure and “authority”.

    They will get government they “deserve”. Though the men and women on the Watchtowers will stand in the breach, and save freedom for the masses. It seems to always be so…a few hold back the tides of evil.

  9. YEs, boomerang, it HAS always been that way, and it is an honor to hold the line…don’t you think?

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