Gulf Fisherman’s Son Poisoned By Corexit, Young Boy with Kidney Stones

By Alex Thomas
The Intel Hub

This is the first of many videos that we will be releasing from Project Gulf Impact’s conference at Seattle University. I choose to release this video first because of the personal impact it had on myself. This is an American citizen whose son has been poisoned by a FOREIGN Company!

When I was invited to attend Project Gulf Impact’s conference at Seattle University, I jumped at the opportunity. Not only was I able to finally meet PGI, I was able to speak to numerous fisherman who have literally had their lives destroyed by BP and their toxic dispersant. Little did I know that the event was actually put together by student activists at the university who were so deeply touched by the disaster that they invited PGI to speak at their school.

While I was touched by all the speakers, one stood out in particular. No human being should have to go through what this man and thousands of others have been put through at the hands of an international oil company.

This mans 10 year old child has been sickened by Corexit while at the same time the corporate media has declared the disaster over. This is happening in our own backyards yet the shill media continues to downplay the health impacts caused by over 2 million gallons of toxic dispersant.

Obviously the people of the gulf need HELP and they need it now. One of the groups that is actively seeking to relocate vicitims of the disaster is called the Climate Change Relocation Center. (Don’t worry they don’t support carbon taxes)

It is very important that the alternative media continue to report the horrors caused by the gulf oil disaster. It is very easy to get caught up in the day to day tyranny of the federal government and while it is important to cover issues such as the TSA feeling your genitals, we cannot let this disaster fall off the radar. Thousands of people have had similar problems as this man and that number will continue to increase if we do not take a stand.

3 responses to “Gulf Fisherman’s Son Poisoned By Corexit, Young Boy with Kidney Stones

  1. sumpin’ ain’t it?

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  3. Crazy as ShitHouse rats….I like that. I cried with this poor man, but wait! Capt. Amerika is here to save the day: eat the seafood, drink the water, breathe in that fresh salt (cough cough) air! Ahhh! It makes a body proud to be an Amerikan…and dead, did I mention dead?

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