National Opt-Out Day: Report from Philadelphia International Airport

By Steve Scheetz

It was strange to listen to the news reports of people having an easy time going through security on November 24th, 2010, the busiest travel day in the United States. However, the reason for these reports became clear once one saw the emptiness of the Airport in general, and the complete lack of lines surrounding the ticket counters. There was a large contingent of police officers waiting to escort those wanting to participate in the outreach. This contingent consisted of no less than two dozen members of the Philadelphia Police Department.

On a short side note, Philly International was not the only empty airport in the nation:

“I’m here four hours early — in preparation. So yes, I’m really surprised at the number of people who are not here,” she says. (Travelers At Dulles Face Less Disruption Than Anticipated – – Jonathan Wilson)

Roughly 40 protesters arrived in time to receive the safety / behavior briefing by Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate, Ken Krawchuck, who went over the talking points:

1. The TSA activities are an invasion of privacy;

2. The TSA’s “Enhanced Pat Downs” and their X-ray scanners have not ever helped security;

3. Head of Israeli Security says that he could Bring down a 747 while walking through the scanners and having an “enhanced” pat down;

4. Israel stopped using these “new state-of-the-art” scanners 20 years ago;

5. Out of 93 million flights since 9-11, there were 3 terrorists found to have been aboard. None of the three were caught by TSA, and one of those was escorted past security by intelligence officers.

Now for something nobody has reported:

6. The odds of being struck by lightning during the 9 years since 9/11 are approximately 75,000 to 1. The odds of being on a plane with a terrorist are 33 million to one. This means that the odds of being on a plane with a terrorist on board is roughly equivalent to being struck by lightning 440 times. (Statistics based on numbers furnished by NOAA and National Geographic Magazine.)

Who are the Real Terrorists?

Currently, here in the United States, we have been told that passengers need to experience the “enhanced pat downs” for a bomb that was not even on a UPS cargo plane. In Germany, passengers were held up for 8 hours as a result of a “Test Bomb.”

Finally, the head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, has told everyone in “The Hill” that we should be expecting the X-ray scanners to increase security in other “popular forms of transportation.” Meanwhile, Joe Lieberman has introduced legislation to begin testing these devices in federal buildings as well.

While talking to people at the protest, we did not go into the corrupt nature of our political system which created the atmosphere where our government used stimulus funds to make extremely wealthy individuals $14 billion in sales wealthier. We did not go into the statements made by politicians and bureaucrats who have been selling the TSA, to the taxpayers as “For your own good.” Instead, we kept to the simple fact that these scanners and these pat downs have not enhanced security for Israel, who stopped using those 20 years ago, and they have not enhanced security here in the United States.

At the end of National Opt-Out Day, most reports missed the story. The only conclusion that could have been drawn was that a huge number of people recognize who was responsible for the terror threats and simply chose not to play ball. Instead, the people chose to OPT-OUT!

Also see Steve’s Nov. 20 post: Profit Ties between Phony Terror Alerts, Airport Security and L-3 Communications.

7 responses to “National Opt-Out Day: Report from Philadelphia International Airport

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  2. Thank you Uncle Bernays…

  3. AAA reports air travel down over 12% over same day last year…and reports of huge traffic jams around Atlanta as many people chose to drive instead.

  4. That is pretty wild… Just two weeks BEFORE they were reporting that there would be a 24% increase in travel this year…

    that is a 36 point change in the travel expectation that had to have been based on real numbers…..

    I am not suggesting that it was all us, I am, however, thinking that we were part of the “people just can’t justify spending that much money” and to the “People really were fed up, just not expressing it so much”

    Either way it is bad news for the TSA and airlines.

  5. I thought this was hilarious:
    WOnder if they’d find an excuse to arrest you if you wear it!

  6. We should all write to the various airlines and proclaim our intentions NOT to fly until these policies are reversed. In the mean time if the decrease in air pssengers causes the airlines to lower ticket rates, or cut flights, or even to fold it may fuel interest in an efficient ground-based mass transit system ( everywhere but in Ohio, that is).
    I’m curious as to why we haven’t heard from the various unions representing flight attendants and baggage handlers, etc. Surely this is affecting their jobs!

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