It’s one minute to midnight: DHS creates a police state

By BrassCheck TV

Here’s what Homeland Security has planned for its next step. I recommend you stop whatever you’re doing and watch.

Share this video like your life depended on it.

11 responses to “It’s one minute to midnight: DHS creates a police state

  1. This is a joke, right?

  2. i’m trying to explain to my family — who support sacrificing privacy for security — why that is such a bad idea.

    i told them that our Founders understood that governments become corrupt — that’s why you do not give up your freedoms to them; eventually they will exploit their access to your info

  3. glad you’re able to access coto2 again. I can tell you that yesterday over 12,000 different people hit the TSA spreads syphilis article; lol. do you think THAT might’ve caused the “glitch”?

  4. or, EMP devices. electromagnetic pulse should take out their surveillance cameras, too

  5. Aye…arrrrgh!

  6. Heave ho and a bottle of rum, arrrrrgh!

  7. I find it hard to believe that anyone would go along with this, if it was at a sport/concert, then simply people stopping buying tickets should make it clear thats it isnt a go er?
    I guess checkpoints is where you have no option…unless you dont cross borders to other states, then they have you under their control anyway.
    it sux! and yes EMP theres a business for someone:-)

  8. EMP arrrgh, there’s the answer bedads!

  9. how can one get the video?

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