How to Lose Elections and Piss off Postal Workers

By Seismologik

It’s no secret that the country is broke, literally, and morally bankrupt, even. According to the Obama Administraton, the federal deficit hit a near record $1.3 trillion this past year, with many sources saying this figure is incorrect, and that the numbers are being grossly underreported. This means that the government had to borrow 37 cents out of every dollar it spent,  as tax revenues (on corporations and the rich) continued to lag, while spending on food stamps and unemployment benefits soared. Joblessness remains in the double digits.

Now the President has come up with a money saving and cost cutting solution that is not very progressive at all.

He proposed a two year pay freeze on federal employee wages today. A plan that was originally put forth by Republicans, and reviled by Democrats.

You’d Go Postal Too If You Did The Math

The White House says that the plan will save $2 billion in Fiscal Year 2011, $28 billion over five years, and $60 billion over the next 10 years. Compare this to the $708 billion dollars requested by the administration for defense spending in fiscal year 2011, and the gaping holes in the  economic logic become painfully apparent. They think we’re stupid, and let’s face it, we are. Seriously, though, do anything else because no amount of money saved is worth the cost of further infuriating our nation’s disgruntled postal workers. The term going postal, was not coined after an isolated incident.

“We can’t afford to fall back on to the same old ideologies, or the same stale soundbites”

2 responses to “How to Lose Elections and Piss off Postal Workers

  1. Postal workers should not be affected by a federal pay freeze because their salary comes from postage revenue, it’s not part of the federal budget, freezing postal workers wages would do nothing to lower taxes or reduce the federal deficit. Furthermore postal workers are union members with contracts,……we all know that in a capitalist system contracts are sacrosanct. Right?

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