A Top Secret Communique From The Obvious One

Greetings From The Obvious One

By Volaar

Hello my fellow Americans, Captain Obvious here – reporting live from behind the enemy lines erected on 9/11/2001 by a criminal junta funded, it seems, by multiple sovereign fiduciary entities for which it has become a capital crime to reveal the truth about in a court of law.  That would be a capital crime punishable by death sans judge or jury of one’s peers.

Hillary Clinton recently stated that Wikileaks has attacked the international community.  To those who prevaricate for a living, the truth seems the ultimate weapon of assault.

So how did this pathetic reversal of contemporary reality take place? 

In 1947, the Nazi spy contingent we, the United States of America, saved from the hangman’s noose at Nuremburg convinced our spies that the “national security state” was more than a German war tactic; it was a key strategy for building any empire.

You believe you know of truth.  I believe I know of truth, yet it is entirely plausible and often possible for our truths to be counter-opposed while some other “third” truth – the one on which the known universe depends – overlaps neither of our cherished beliefs. 

This is an obvious fact: the plural of “anecdote” is not “data.”  Here is another: two belief systems that oppose one another cannot both be true; one or both of our sacred cows represents anecdotal information.  This is how we come to understand that it has never been the capital “T” truth from which we humans have taken the actions of our lived lives; we have always operated from our beliefs about the truth. 

Here is a considered opinion based upon my analysis of my personal experiences in life: the longer I allow two (or more) counter-opposite (dissonant) belief systems to occupy my thinking, the more likely it is that I will become unable to discriminate truth from falsehood with respect to any of the contexts addressed by the set-union of all of my belief systems.  In the South we lovingly refer to this state of affairs as, “you cain’t fix the s*t in yer head with the s*t in yer head.” 

In other words, dissonance tolerated is a multiplier of delusion.  Not an altogether bad condition, unless your belief happens to be that the number of checks in your checkbook is any indication of the balance in your checking account.  Or that you can continue to pound square pegs into round holes using only bigger hammers to make your anecdotes conform to your precious data regarding holes.

Here’s another considered opinion about holes based upon my analysis of personal experience: when I find that I am in one, I should drop my shovel.  I have been told that this is the First Rule of Holes.

Now we have the established authority of the state condemning a non-governmental entity for some form of “terrorism” because it dared to reveal the concealed truth reserved for the eyes and ears of the national security state.  Forgive me if I am missing the obvious here, but what is more sovereign in human experience than the truth of the matter?  Does not our notional system of justice seek to determine, through the application of debate and academic rigor, the relevant components of truth to be applied in a given context?  On whose “side” should justice serve if not the side that would claim affinity with all of the principles that allow us to breathe air into our lungs, spin stably in an orbit about a life-giving star, or communicate thoughts from one person to another?

Has someone on dear Hillary’s X-mas list forgotten the First Rule of Holes?  Do we really wish to dig ourselves all the way to China?  Is it possible to fall out of the “Stupid Tree” and hit absolutely every single branch on the way down?

We already know what became of a people who permitted their notional system of justice to serve deceit, delusion and falsehood: they became oligarchies in the service of inculcated hatred and ignorance.  The oligarchs of corporatism – the fascists – became the undoing of the natural evolutionary selection process of ”increased fitness” under which all life forms appear to operate.  And they committed this error while committing unspeakable atrocities against an increasing number of political minorities that sought to oppose or temper the head-long rush of these oligarchs into an abyss of amorality and unethical behavior.  The civilized society we sought to defend our families, friends and way of life with had become just another jungle where morality and ethical principles would always take a backseat to the need to breathe, drink, eat, procreate and take our “comforts.”  One can claim efficiency as a key virtue of the oligarchy that was Nazi Germany, but suicide is likewise as efficient.  Suicide ends suffering, does it not?  What good is living a life that must always end with the realization that one has lost absolutely everything that they have ever come to value?  Surely suicide represents the most efficient course of action to take when faced with the reality of a human experience, no?  Be logical, will you!  Think linearly and clearly, like a lizard, for once in your demonstrably miserable, when not delusional, existence!

Fascism – capitalism by another name – has proven itself to be the murderer of civilization using this bird-brained truncheon of human oligarchy as its centerpiece.  This is the truth that Hillary Clinton and all of the media-soaked oligarchs wish to keep secret from you and me.  This is the truth that they fear we will all flock to because it is, in fact, the truth and as such knows only of itself and its creations. 

Become a whole person again by never allowing yourself to be taken as separate from that which fundamentally sustains your very existence.  Know the truth and you will know yourself because that must be what you are made of.

Until next time, Captain Obvious signing off.

36 responses to “A Top Secret Communique From The Obvious One

  1. boomerangcomesback

    Nice analysis of the Obvious, Volaar. The fact that humanity continues to need thinking people to point out the obvious truths is a confounding fact. With the MSM propaganda machine spewing out falsities in opposition to truths, we get the intended result in people’s heads — confusion reigns. Bearings have been lost altogether. North is south, the false is truth, and other such inanities. Evil is called good. Bad money is considered to have value. People trade their values and valuables for paper proffered. People’s representatives represent non-people — corporations. When up is down, folks loose their footing.

    People therefore develop skewed versions of life itself. The obvious facts of reality have been mutated to such a degree, that delusions replace reality. The sick psycho state reigns. Yes, we get nasty nazi thought-programming altering people’s value systems. Judgment and Justice have vacated the land.

    People are homeless, broke, broken, and starving…just what you’d expect with years of a manufactured famine of Truth.

    An insidious corruption has fouled the waters. First, we were bombed with media lies. Can’t believe what you read. And if you do, you are led down the path to Hell. Now, you’re not supposed to believe your eyes. When the blind lead the blinded, they all fall off the cliff. Reason died from too many blows to the head.

    When sanity is lost, reality morphs into the insane. Such an asylum we are surely living in now.

    • Thank you for taking these thoughts to heart, boomer.

      Edward Bearnays was a great man. So was Josef Mengele, and for the same reasons.

      In the interest of science, we should hang all such great men to determine if there is a relationship between greatness and the tensil strength of the human neck.

    • I’m sure Mengele would approve, his being a man of science and all.

  2. boomerangcomesback

    Aye, Mr. V, thanks for thinking and writing this piece. You bring unique angles to the dangle (tensil strength ~ nice one!), then wrap them in a tidy package, hot and ready to serve.

    Tasty! I’ll have some more, please.

  3. Fascism is the conjoining of the State with Capitalism i.e. the Corporate State. Capitalism on its own is as old as humanity, and not intrinsically bad; but it does seem to have a built-in tendency to rig the game, to control resources, markets and customers. In effect to support tyranny.

    As a Corporate Empire the US of A now seeks to have a monopoly on “terrorism”- State Terrorism that is. But of course cognitive dysfunction requires that only those who fight back against the Corporate Bloc Terror State be labeled “terrorists.”

    While this State is actually at war with liberty and personal autonomy, it happily claims all the positive labels for itself via the associated War on Language. Machiavelli and Orwell ‘s nightmares have been fulfilled.

  4. boomerangcomesback

    All we’re seeing are Bullies (albeit psychopathic bullies) trying to run their Racket. Old and new Western movies offer the theme over and over on a smaller scale. I recently watched a fairly recent movie with Robert Duvall and Kevin Costner, called Open Range. You had the typical plot of some Asshole who thinks he owns the town, the people, and the surrounding area. They’re ALL his to exploit and run roughshod over with his band of hired gun hands to enforce his depraved delusions of grandeur. Duvall and Costner are Free Grazers, nomadic in that they roam with their herd to where the grass is greener. The connection I’m trying to make is the Free Grazers would be called Terrorists in today’s oligarchical world.

    We’re just looking at an “expanded” version of an old meme, seen throughout history. But today’s psycho bullies are far more dangerous. They have the governments, the sheriff, the judges, the media outlets, and even the military in their pocket. The propaganda barrage upon the minds of men does not make the actions of these men any less criminal than the barons of old. Folks need not be confused as to exactly WHO they are dealing with in these Bad Lands.

    Ultimately, brave and courageous men of integrity (if not the inhabitants of the country) will clean out refuse, and a new and honest sheriff will come to town to make sure the peace is kept.

    • I love your western metaphor! And I’m sure that’s one of the reasons we don’t see many such movies anymore- makes people too restless!

  5. Eh hem, Boom, brave and courageous men AND WOMEN of integrity, thank you! …”relationship between greatness and the tensil strength of the human neck.” – delightful and picturesque dearie! As for the article by Capt. Obvious, ya know, they used to call US the dopeheads back in the day! Now, it seems, mushrooms really do make it all come out right! Seriously though, don’t let them take away who you really are.

  6. boomerangcomesback

    Hey Morgana. When I say “men” as in people, I am always implying men & women. I suppose I should type it out eh, so you don’t have to point out my omission. No slight intended. Men + Women = People. We’re all in this together. As the Shrub said, “you’re either with us or against us”. Reflecting on that sound bite — Shrubbery: We’re ALL definitely against you and your ilk. We won’t keep the Hague waiting too long for your # to come up.

  7. Ok, roger wilco on that men/women thingy…now where did I leave my mushwooms??????

    • oh, puh-leeze, I’m gonna start posting articles on the importance of language — specifically related to sexism, if you guys really think it’s okay to call humanity “Man.”

      Oppression starts with language.

      • Roguee….have you done any actual research into language, its usage and the linkage to the marginalization of minorities?

        The “women’s lib” movement had more to do with “waking up” to how all out-groups are marginalized and the flawed reasoning behind that marginalization than it did with the oppression of a specific gender. All genders are oppressed in some manner, but it’s fairly clear from linguistic analysis that genetic females have been oppressed and marginalized in most cultures.

        The next questi0n, for me, is “why?”

  8. I propose a heroic dose for all fascists under the strict supervision of the lefties…or at least some experienced Native Americans.

    Language should reflect the respect we have come to have for the stronger sex, IMHO.

    I have to disagree with the assessment of capitalism as not equal to fascism. My current reading and interpretation of history (subject to adjustment, as always) is that the non-control of the state by huge concentrations of wealth has been a rouge and an elaborate illusion. The wealthy have been in control of commerce and the Commons for as long as there has been enough wealth in the collective civilization worth stealing.

    We have the French to thank for the fifty years or so of fascist largesse since the 1929 collapse. The French made absolutely certain that the government should live in fear of its people.

    All that said, we need to wake up and realize that without several rich people with axes to grind against several other rich people, there would have been no French Revolution in the first place.

    The difference now is that we have actually achieved the strong possibility of the extinction of our species. Everyone is running scared, especially those in a position to see both the truth and the spin on it repeated in media. The discrepencies, alone, are terrifying not only to us, but to those who think they are actually getting away with something of value at our collective expense.

    All is One. What is done to one’s fellows is also done to one’s self. If we didn’t all suffer from an artifact of perception — time — we could see this even more clearly than Kurt Vonnegut did.

    • No particular disagreement here, but I do see small-c-capitalism in farmer’s markets and yard sales. Wasn’t just thinking of Big Bizness!

      • I’d say that’s just trade and/or barter…not capitalism. There’s no exchange of “capital” in the abstract sense in a Farmer’s Market.

        I’d be willing to bet you, though, that if a vendor included a living wage for themselves and everyone involved in their Cost of Goods Sold, they’d discover just how ridiculous the idea of “owning” one’s own business actually is.

        In capitalism, we are serfs and vassals, nothing more. We are owned by our owners and serve at their pleasure.

        • Cut-throat Capitalism and Collectivism have both failed. What I believe in is Community- and even that is fraught with the dangers of selfishness and greed.

          How 6+ billion people can live locally and simply I just haven’t figured out yet.

  9. Laudy – not sure I agree on the farmer’s markets etc. being small-c capitalism…but that should be another day. Yes, Kurt was a wonderful man, although I always told him he smoked too much…but he did have a very clear vision of things. He is deeply missed. What’s invaluable, Volaar in what you said above is the “collective” – we must remember that we are all in the soup pot together, and the the cannibals are at the hedgerow!

  10. boomerangcomesback

    I gotta go with the Rogue1 on this explanation. Let’s just assume that if you manufacture/produce something of value, you can sell it for what the market will bear. People will decide what price they will pay for the product. All the rest is bullshit piled upon this supply/demand equation.

    Monopolizing any commodity necessitates ‘manipulation’ of the dynamics of the supply/demand equation. Simple GREED leads to the altering of the marketplace to serve the interests of a hierarchy, with the manipulator sitting atop the pyramid. Wealth is derived from many forms of business. The most recent ‘rage’ is extraction of assets by force, by trickery, and by taxation. There are others, but this serves the purpose of my illustration.

    Can I buy back NY for some beads and trinkets? How about Alaska? Can I appropriate Texas by means of force. Can I obtain the vast North America by conquest of the natives? Business principles have morphed into criminal enterprise a long time ago. What we’ve currently got is a vast “system” of extraction by elite oligarchs trading worthless paper money for real tangible goods.

    I think the poor natives are getting wise to the Deal!

  11. @Morgana — hedgerow…is that where the bustle is, or was that just a spring-clean for the May Queen?

    Bullshit is just another word. Capital-ism means “money”-ism, by your own definition, which is denoting a PROCESS whereby money/barter is used.

    Capitalism, as a process, has always been about exploitation and has developed a religious mythos about it. I mean, in what OTHER venue do we talk about defying the known laws of cause and effect but in religious mythology? How is it possible to profit from the labor of others without there being slavery involved in the process? It’s absurd to believe that capitalism is anything but the economic oppression of the poor majority by a rich minority.

    Collectivism as humans have tended to practice it (e.g., the Soviet Union), has been about intellectual oppression.

    If the fascist oligarchs could actually practice restraint long enough to allow a middle class to flourish, what would be accomplished? An acceptable form of small-c capitalism? How long before the oligarchs start bitching about gov’mint interference in business, about the needless bureaucratic entanglements and thus the work on tearing the whole fabric apart begins again?

    If anyone wants to know what happens in a “moral” collective, just take a lookie-see at the history of the Catholic Church — the world’s longest-lived bureaucratic institution. It exists to serve only itself, its original mission now subsumed beneath a maze of economic and political attachments that pull it in directions that violate its original purpose.

    No one reasonable can look at our present monetary system and see anything but a ponsi scheme designed to exert mass behaviorial control over a human population for profit and probably some perverse notion of fun.

    • No. My words are straight and to the point. You might re-examine your wishful thinking. Competition, when adjusted for the artifact of sensory perception known as “time,” is always total. That means that where competition is permitted to persist it will consume the entire marketplace in an internecine display of futility.

      Once a “marketplace” becomes organized it no longer represents the value for value interpersonal transactions that it attempted to model. Middle-tiers emerge that seek to “buy-low” and “sell-high”, perhaps the whole incentive for establishing an organized model of representation in the first place. In every case in human history, the transaction brokers wretch control of the marketplace from the buyers and the sellers, consuming both sides of each transaction until self-consumption is the only alternative left.

  12. I never meant to imply that capitalism was my cupotea. Did I? Sorry bout that. What I believe i meant was what Kropotkin called Mutual Aid when i said we’re all in this together and that we sink or swim together. It sounds like you guys don’t give anybody any benefit when it comes to doubt. It has been done though, and not “systemitized’ (is that a word?) into any ‘isms’ in places. Otherwise, I think you guys just might be staring at goats.

  13. interesting discussion — have to admit I’m surprised a couple of you made no comment on your view of Wikileaks, in light of this article.

    • Most of what we’ve heard so far from this recent dump has been filtered through the NYT and etc. Spin-spin-spin. And while I’m certain psy-ops and perception management are at full bore, the Interpol crusade against Assange suggests that revelation is also part of the story. There’s evidently much to embarrass the Israelis if only it were to be reported. Their reps were out in force on the MSM.

  14. I appreciate that someone is attempting to model the telling of the truth to power on such a scale.

    I do believe Assange and his backers are playing us and the Israeli-zionist agenda is being favored to an almost artificial degree.

  15. Ziggy Brzezinski has made the “subtle” psyop anything but subtle. Assange is working with the Mossad. The technique appears to be the discrediting of coalitions that oppose Israel’s Iranian agenda.

    Strong central governments have been favored because their opponents have typically been huge, centralized concentrations of economic wealth and political power.

    Again, the emergence of the Catholic Church from the decentralized Christian ideology is an excellent case study in this phenomenon.

  16. I think you guys have been sitting around and trying to out-semantic one another for too long. Everything and everybody is a threat – which leaves you both all alone. Sob. Nothing personal, but you love to argue over minutae here, without offering any solutions. Or did I miss something? Rady: I do NOT accept Wikileaks as a psy-ops or any other ops controlled by the Master Wizard Zionist behind the curtain mystery. I think they are fine, after all, nobody else is stirring up the soup, and it’s been a mighty long time since Dan Ellsberg was in the kitchen!

    You can psy-op yourselves out of existence the way you’re going on above, guys! How about some realtime answers???? Or even suggestions would do.

  17. If we can’t use “man” for humankind, we’re stuck with the much-abused “folks.”

    I have to say I had no trouble growing up into a contrary and uppity woman while using the older form of speech. But it’s probably a generational thing. And frankly young women today are just as brainwashed and trivial as any generation before. Cracks in the system have allowed determined individuals to break out but by and large the patriarchal system still rules.

  18. rogue1: I appreciate the parrots – have one myself, nosey little buggers aren’t they? Anyway, I have read a great many books, and I know where I myself am going, and where I have been and those who came before me as well. History holds alot of keys. Which one in particular are you interested in taking off the ring?

  19. Aaahhhh. I will look at them…this thread got so wild, I was unsure of where we had gone…but I am sorry, I do not hold with the whole world being one great conspiracy against itself, that is not logical and doesn’t make any more sense than Congress!! 🙂

  20. I will download asap. However, there is such a thing as too much conspiracy. And I think that line has been crossed already a thousandfold. Sorry, But I am in Gandhi’s camp: local, local, and local. I will read it though in order to provide you with more cannon-fodder in the name of fair play, (even though I know you don’t believe in such a concept, HA!)

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  22. Ok while I feed the dogs, can you lay out for me exactly what you believe the world to be? I’ll be right back…

  23. Touche, wee Willie. I will be back tomorrow unless they come to take me away, hee hee haha heehee….:-)

  24. Peter Dale Scott is not an intellectual lightweight. But, yeah, after YEARS of watching the sheeple deny, deny, deny the obvious fact that the Twin Towers were felled by controlled demolition and observing my own incredulity regarding who actually WON World War II, I understand just how difficult this sort of stuff can be to stomach.

    But if you get nothing else about how intelligence agencies operate get this: if something seems beyond belief that is because it is precisely that. Overwhelming the human nervous system with unmanageable levels of dissonance became the weapon of choice ever since Mr. Ed (Bearnays) and Uncle Siggy worked together to cook up the “drive” theory. It appears these two fans of incest decided to put the kabosh on the reality of the sexual abuse of children and the impact this behavior has had on many of the adult survivors of this particular “sport.”

    The Nazis expanded and developed the knowledge base on the limits of the human nervous system to “cope” with “stressors.” Trauma programming and a judicious application of the doctrine of shock would allow secret agendas to be seen in broad daylight, camoflauged by simple human incredulity.

    The truth of any matter is ALSO beyond belief. The truth doesn’t care whether we believe in it or not. Yet we deny its reality at our own peril.

  25. I am now officially bowing out of the preceding discussions because you can attach any set of circumstances to an unpredictable causality and have it make sense. BUt for the record, I do believe that 9-11 was an inside job, and admit the possibility of other things mentioned above. I just have better things to take care of this week, like saving lives. THAT is the reality which I choose to reside in for the time being.

  26. We the People developed/devised a system for sorting through the rhetoric and thinking of those who seemed to sound like they knew what they were talking about centuries ago.

    It appears around the time of the French Enlightenment that the more educated among us noticed that there were bullshit artists and then there were bullshit artists who made it a point to strive to be as precise and simple as possible. This latter collective were trusted to assign meaning to words and to model reality for the rest of us. The Church could no longer be trusted with this task.

    Now Science can’t even be entrusted with the task of meaning-making. Not exclusively, anyway. The Church thinks that this vulnerability means that we should all go back to those halcyon days where a simple act of free thought could get a rhetorician’s tongue wretched out with pincers. But the corruption of Science (and just about everything) by the fiat currency economy means that any “scientific heresy” is punishable by an academic death, or, as was the case in the Soviet Union and is the case in China, you can be institutionalized for life for thought crimes or free speech.

    I remember when my Phil 101 professor threw down the gauntlet, perhaps as a result of Thomas Kuhn’s work(s)…the only thing we can ever be absolutely certain we are aware of is our own stream of conscious thought. Everything and anything else is a dicey proposition. Probabilities are something our brains sort and sift through all the time on their way to figuring out what something means to us, but absolute certainty and those who trade in it are insane, naive, delusional or all of the above.

    Human beings can be suicidal or genocidal. I would submit that this is prima facie evidence that those in charge of our increasingly totalitarian and oligarchial reality are more than able and capable of manufacturing multiple realities that are all beyond belief, yet all are completely false. They did it in 1963, throughout the 1960’s and again in 2001.

    The only way I know of discerning the true from the false is to test a proposition with multiple propositions that can only be true or false, but not both. It takes time since a single falsehood might require many binary propositions to be devised and tested against a proposition before reasonable can agree that a proposition is false.

    And that, more than anything, is why the First Amendment should never be used to protect the reality of a known falsehood. If it is false, it is not real and should not be treated seriously as reality. No yelling “fire” in a crowded movie theatre and no using the public commons for propaganda, social control or the destruction of a carefully constructed and tested reality.

    For example, using Fox Broadcasting to promote an agenda that even suggests that people of color are genetically inferior should be a violation of the First Amendment.

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