Homeland Insecurity’s Test Run of Pat Downs in Bus Stations

By George Donnelly
We Won’t Fly

I’m not into conspiracy theories but where is this going to stop? Transportation and travel are cultural and personal necessities. We use them to build closer ties with those far from us. Travel enhances people’s well-being. It builds our economy. It keeps the peace. So, just how far and wide are they going to roll out the scanning and groping circus show?

The day after Opt Out Day, Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano said she’s expanding security theater to buses, trains, ships, mass transit and who knows what else. Janet should know better than to try to grow their unpopular and dangerous security theater. A lot of people simply will not accept it. It is already hurting the economy. It will only strengthen our resistance.

8 responses to “Homeland Insecurity’s Test Run of Pat Downs in Bus Stations

  1. There seems to be more energy focused of ways to squander money than ways to ensure safety. Certainly there’s no way the US can afford such a large “security” force.

  2. boomerangcomesback

    I don’t ride the bus…so they won’t come for me.

    What’s next? Why not hot dog vendors at ball games? The collateral damage from exploding wienies could spatter a vast swath of fans.

    I think they’ll pick on kids next. Put the screws down on schools, just to prove who owns the next generation.

    Obviously, these idiots can’t recognize a terrorist. They’ll strain 1000 gallons of water to try and nab one nasty nat (or is that knat? I don’t care). Just doing their flipping jobs…right.

  3. boomerangcomesback

    So we made beautiful Rainbows, Rogue1, is that what you’re saying?

    I just have to poke the super serious droid dudes with some levity. HaHaHa — don’t we all love levity, blokes? Rogue1 you dropped down a leaded blanket upon the heads of the “outcasts” Good thing nothings happening around here…Sir.

    Hey there Sgt. Shrunkjunk? Would you be a good bloke and lend us your balls so we can continue on with our tennis game? Aye! WTF!
    Yours are quite fuzzy…I’m not sure we can use your balls bloke. They’re slightly irregular and non-conforming too our strict rules

    Besides, this will be a cheeky game with no winners. Not much of a contest. Yeah…go on home now, Mate. Oh Yeah, leave that stolen documentation here in my equipment bag. I’ll attend to it later.

    Go on over to the bar and line up some real drinks for us! Ha!

  4. They have gone beyond flipped their lids, Rady. It is up to the resistance to remain cool and act according to the Truth. And I don’t give a damn which agency hears, knows or wants to know about what I think. There! Put that in yer hopper and juice it!

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